Conspire 2008


The REAL reason I’m beginning my blog journey is to bring my hard-working, dedicated NorthRidge friends and co-workers (you know who you are) along with me to Willow Creek.  Now that I’m here, it has dawned on me that I can’t really afford this!  Remember when I made the color copies of my Christmas card 100 @ .69 and thought that would be a reasonable $6.90?  I did the same thing with my hotel!  The posted rate on the WCA website didn’t sound so bad…(forgot I had to multiply it by 3 nights!)  AUTOMATIC 7!  See how great that works?

Anyway, I had a lovely flight and cab right with Mouses from Africa who benefited from hearing my phone prayer 🙂  I went to leave a message for the Virginia Beach Children’s Ministry Staff from Spring Branch (where Chris has been attending) and they called the room, (we haven’t met yet but we’re at the same hotel so now she thinks I’m a stalker).  AUTOMATIC 7!  They know to avoid me now.

My desire is to bring back something for each one of you and myself as a bonus.  My breakouts tomorrow are:  Planning an Event from Start to Finish, Leading Creative People (Stacey, Amy, Gina, this ones for you!) and Exploring the Multiple Intelligence Levels and Learning Styles of Kids.  All the downloads for ALL the breakouts are on there are some great ones…like creating a blog for your ministry!  Lots of good info.  Anyway, I’m off to breakfast and stalking!  Have a great Wednesday and I’ll be checking in later.  Wish you were here.


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  1. Hey Automatic 7!

    Love the title!

    Have we not all done something like the Christmas cards and the hotel?! UGH!

    There must be a huge blessing there at Willow waiting just for you!

    You are an amazing and gifted person that the Staff at Virginia beach will be blessed to know! Think of the hotel thing as “Great Minds Think Alike”!
    Be yourself, have a great time, take it all in, and eat leftover Pizza for dinner in honor of us!
    Can’t wait to hear about your day!

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