Title Explanation:  The closest, cheapest  putt putt to Samford University in Birmingham, AL (I can’t remember the name…let’s just call it “Goofy Golf” this was waaaay before the concept of glow golf was invented…at least in Alabama)  my buds and I would often play just to socialize.  None of us were very competitive, so we were often going over the number of maximum strokes allowed.  This became a battle cry for all of college life…”I’m just taking the Automatic 7″ as in, “I didn’t really study for my Music Appreciation class…I’m taking the Automatic 7” or “He didn’t call me back…guess I’ll take the Automatic 7.”  It has acutally become quite a useful attitude.  Like now when I don’t know when I’m moving, where I’ll be living, where I’ll be working, where the kids will go to school next year (or IF some of them will PASS the 7th grade)  Automatic 7.  It’s my little version of “oh well, I tried…sorta.”


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  1. I never knew the “automatic 7” philosophy. . . . hum explains alot, actually 🙂 I guess I am definitely in the realm recently, actually 7 would be GREAT

    Maybe my blog should be “automatic 700”

    Love you,

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