Oh, for Heaven’s Sake!


Would you believe PUPPETS opened the conference?  Hilarious old-lady puppets in the empty auditorium (video) with names like Winifred, talking about driving 3200 miles in the church van.  One thought she was at “Hannah Montana on Ice!”  They kept calling the conference “Perspire!”  Mike would’ve been blissed out.

We sang “You are Amazing God” and then a rocked out version of “All Creatures of our God & King”  then a bluesy “Nothing But the Blood”  I love the old hymns and done in Willow style–outstanding!

Christine Yount Jones reminds me so much of you, Anita.  She was funny, wise and so deeply touching.  She spoke of erasing fears and read from her journal from the loss of her husband in a snowmobile accident.  Ecc 11:4 (waiting for perfect never gets anything done), Psalm 23:4 (do not fear even the shadow of death), and Deut 31:8  The Lord goes before you.  How encouraging this is to me!  And even as I stay on the fringe here, concerned about the current state of affairs in DI.  God is never surprised.  Gotta run!

OH YEAH!  I sat with Va Beach people…very sweet (reserved) while the group from Sis’ church in St. Louis is WILD & CRAZY…hmmmm wonder who I’ll sit with next….


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  1. Shannon!

    Well all righty then! How wonderful for you to be soaking in all this good stuff!

    When do you come back? Can’t wait to hear more!
    Love Ya!

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