Cupeth Overfloweth Mucho


Yes, it is a 5 post blogworthy day, indeed!  I am on the fringe enjoying worship in the atrium with the live worship I heard this morning as my background–how great is our God?

The “minivan years” are the years families are the most busy and the least intentional about the spiritual foundations (conversations, Bible reading, discussions after church, praying together). 

A great illustration by Kurt Bruner from The Center for Strong Families in Arizona…he held a bouquet of cut flowers in his hand which represented his children.   He began to pour water on the blossoms from a watering can which represented “church.”  “Wait a minute…they’re not thriving…not taking root…what’s the problem?  We must need a bigger church!”  (bigger watering can)  Nope.  The living water is poured into the context of family (flower pot, rich soil) which then extends to flowers (children).  AWESOME!

Here’s a great quote:  “The Word becomes Flesh & blood in the home.”

Glen Keane, Disney Animator and middle son of Bill Keane (Family Circus…so that makes him Billy?  PJ?)  gave his testimony of coming to Christ as a 20 something young new animator at Disney after seeing some huge bald fu-manchu bearded guy reading his Bible at lunchtime.  Glen described the longing he felt for God and he began to sketch a figure.  He spoke of a heaviness, not being able to breathe, felling like he couldn’t really walk…collecting but not attaining what he wanted.  As he spoke, The Little Mermaid began to become recognizable!  He played the clip “Part of Your World” which I saw with Spirit eyes the longing that seekers feel every moment until they find their friend Jesus.

After the clip, Glen humbly shrugged off the applause, and continued his story.  He spoke of his moment of change and the knowledge that God had renewed his life.  Then went back to the drawing board and spoke of the war that began to take place inside him, as he wanted so badly to live a righteous life, but his human nature and habits kept him from doing what he desired.  The pencil figure of the Beast began to take shape and Glen shared how the Beast was made up of parts of many beasts:  the brow of a gorilla, the muzzle of a boar, shaggy buffalo, lions mane, bear-like body….

…but with the eyes of a prince.  When he drew those eyes, that 15 second sketch became like him…and us!  The beast on the outside with the potential locked away inside.  Glen played the clip, and again, with spirit eyes now we watch Mrs. Pots and Lumiere give Beast all the “rules” necessary for good behavior (very Pharisaical!) and of course, Beast’s anger and frustration over-rule every good intention.  Heavy Sigh.  The great conclusion, though, was when Glen brought our attention to 2 Cor 5:17 and how our beastly bodies and actions are constantly being transformed into the image of Christ, and the hope we all have of becoming like Jesus and seeing Him face to face one day.  We watched the clip of the beast’s transformation–the light coming from each finger and toe, the change happening in mid-air.  Glen planted the thought of bursting through our outer jar of clay and releasing inner treasure one sweet day! 

Today has been One Sweet Day!  I feel like I got my money’s worth just today.  Tomorrow are the breakouts…WHEW! 


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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!!! It’s fun, isn’t it?
    I am enjoying your posts, and especially like your name!
    I’ll keep checking in, love,kel.

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