Overheard in the Hyatt parking lot


“Thayat’s whut weee neeeeed, ya’ll….a Georrrrrgya flaaaaayug fo-ur ow-ur vaaaaay-uuuun.” 

I can tell, even though I’m a southern girl on the inside, my 14 years in Michigan is going to take a while to re-southernize in Virginia!

Reminds me of the time Sis and I were in Wal-Mart (aka “Waaawl-Mard”) in TN and overheard a gal walking by a mirror (aka “meer”) and she said, to no one in particular,

“Aaaaaaaaw.   Moh Hor luks aaaawfooooool.”

So we say that to each other all the time.  You canNOT overdo the length of time it takes to utter that sentence.

More educational ministry stuff later.


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  1. How right you are, Capri!

    I copied & pasted the blurb below from the website my kids new elem. school. In the south. Enjoy!

    Three Oaks Elementary is located at 2201 Elson Green Avenue. We are approximately one quarter mile due south of the WalMart in the Red Mill Commons area

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