Last Day at the Ridge


“You shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace

the mountains and the hills shall break forth in singing,

there’ll be shouts of joy and all the trees of the fields

 will clap, will clap their hands”

This little chorus has been rolling through my head today as I take my final items home from my desk, ahhhhhh.  How sweet.  Also rolling around in there as I walked away was “…and that’s all I need too!  And this.  The remote control…and the paddle ball game, and that’s it.   And that’s all I need.  Except for this…” 

It was a very nice cake and a prayerful send off with many hugs and blessings (as well as those who only came for the cake…as I often do.  It’s only fair).  I just marvel at the goodness of God allowing me the cross-over of the phone interview with A. S. Christian School just days before my NRC staff departure.  “He knows my name…He knows my every thought…He sees my in-se-cur-ity…and throws me a bone once in a while” (I’m pretty sure that’s not how it REALLY goes).  Actually, He knows my every hunger too, and brought Mrs. Leader Friend with dinner to my door.  Holy Olive Oil!  I’m rolling in God’s goodness!

Anyway, nothing new on the house–here or there.  3 more weeks of BSF and then I’m officially “Just” a Mom.  Fine by me. 

A brief word on the theme picture I chose for this blog.  I read it today from a book I was given just yesterday by Mr. Busy-Thoughtful-Sweetness Personified:

“Though time and miles may separate us, I have built a bridge of lovely memories to span the distance.” Virginia Tubbs

(appropriate, huh?)



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  1. “Oh, and this thermos, I need that! And I don’t need one other thing”
    I’m glad you are rolling in God’s goodness, it’s a good place to roll.

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