We have a house!


Looks like hubby (aka: Stud Muffin) has found a proper dwelling place for the H6!  My first blog picture…let’s see if I can do it …


woo hoo!  Forget uploading…what am I, on the geek squad?  I think not! 

Gotta love copy & paste!


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  1. It’s so cute! I can’t tell what color the door is either. Looks dark pink-ish.
    So glad you figured out how to get a photo on!

  2. Shannon, love the website. Can’t wait to show the boys…who are still sleeping. It’s a shames y’all are not fitting in there! Haha..I’m really happy for you all and still a little jealous about the beach situation. I’ll talk to you soon. Love to all.

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