Middle School “Music”


Subbing is just like labor.  While you are in the midst, you are saying to yourself.  NEVER AGAIN am I going to PUT myself in THIS SITUATION!  Holy shuh-nikees, this is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT not to mention UNCOMFORTABLE!!!  Then after it’s all over and you are walking (or being wheeled to) your car, you say to yourself, “Well, now.  That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” 

Which brings me to signing up for subbing job #2.  “Music” as is was so marketably labeled on the pick-your-sub-job website.  Another half-day assignment along with my short term memory loss caused me to accept it.  When I got to Central Middle School and got my nifty clip on nameless nametag and a map of the school with the highlighted destination labelled 102 I thought “cake walk.”  This thought lasted about 3.2 seconds until I saw door 102 labelled “BAND ROOM.”  Oh d-d-dear dear!  Band!  Holy cow!  That’s not the “music” I thought I was signing up for!  They were happy enough to have a “no instrument” day although I was sooooo tempted after watching the last 1/2 of the previous hour.  You stand on a box…you wave a stick…are they really going to sound a whole lot better at the end of the hour than at the beginning whether or not I know what I’m doing?  Alas, I followed directions and handed out worksheet after worksheet.  One lively few boys (percussion–of course) got a little too puppy dog rowdy so I let the class go a few minutes early.  The students were in the hallways at lockers early before bell the last hour, so I didn’t think much about it.  Then the BatPhone rang.  “Sub, is there a reason why your students are out in the hallway so early?”  I kindly told her about my strategy of avoiding the rowdiness and thought that we were close enough to the bell that it wouldn’t be a problem.  “There’s not a problem in the hall, is there?”  Grumpy office lady says “I’m sure there is.  Somewhere.  That’s what always happens when they go early.”  Well then!  It reminded me of Ferris Beuller when the office lady says to Jeannie, “Isn’t Mrs. Whatshername expecting you in class?”  Jeannie deadpans “Probably.”

I gotta say, both middle school jobs have confirmed and validated my love for the wee ones!  My 2nd grade and 1st grade jobs have been so much better!  Great 2nd grader story coming up next…


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