So I finally got a REAL sub job–one I could HANDLE.  Second graders at Workman.  Beautiful new building, bright cheery sunny day…life is good.  Then it got even better when I saw a beloved works-with-babies volunteer from church in the hallway.  We both did the stop-in-tracks simultaneous “What are you doing here?”   She:  I work here!  Me:  I’m subbing today!  Where’s your room?  She:  right there!  Me:  Mine’s right next door!  How good is God, I ask you!  So during assembly she helped me and during recess she helped me and we chatted about going back into teaching (it’s her first year back after momhood), church stuff, etc.  When I told her that I had an interview with a Christian School in VA and she said, “Public schools need Christian Educators too” it struck a nerve. 

But here’s the funny story…while on recess duty, every 20 seconds some random kid runs up and needs one or more of the following: a) to go to the bathroom   b) a bandaid   c) to know what time it is   d) to report a non-sharer   e) to report a sand-thrower   f) to go inside for numerous reasons   g)  to get a drink because their throat hurts so much they can barely talk…I could go on.  One such student, not from “my” class, ran up to me tattling before he even reached my side saying,
“Teacher, those boys over there are mocking us.”

“Oh…they’re mocking you?  Well, what are they saying?”


“Well, I forgot what mocking means.”

“Mocking is like when you say ‘stop it’ and they say in a whiny voice ‘stoooop iiiit’

(pause)  “Oh.  Well,  that’s not what they were doing.”

I think he felt better just reporting the misdemeanor.  I gave him the standard “You tell them I said to use kind words from now on.”

AAAahhhhhhhh, heavy sigh.  As he ran away, I giggled the giggle of the delighted.

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