Sharing Day 2008


Yesterday concluded 9 great years of BSF for me.  Heavy sigh.  Several of my beloved leaders shared–I’m so proud!  And I always love hearing from the ladies and especially the moms–the wonderful overflow that happens at home after they’ve brought their wee ones to us and we usher them quickly after a sufficient amount of playing right into God’s presence (and they bring us there too!)  CapriK held a mic like nobody’s business.

This year I’ve led two lives.  An NRC one with my job that pays eternal wages and actual earth money; and a BSF one with my job where I get paid “just” eternal wages.  Both have been demanding.  Both have been out of my comfort zone in many ways, though I *thought* they were IN the zone at the time I signed up.  At times I strongly questioned the wisdom of attempting to do both jobs and the impossibility of doing either of them well, even if they were the ONLY job I had to do, much less with the other one looming.  And without a spouce for 7 months.  And then without a partner.  And with only God.  Well, you’ll never guess what I learned…He is enough!  He did it all by Himself with me just a not-so-innocent-bystander.  And yesterday He validated every concern, every doubt, every fear with good presents from His people–both verbal, tactile, and the huggingwhisperingpersonalencouragingwords kind!  God is just so darn good I can’t even believe it! 

Actually, if you count motherhood, that would make three lives.  He’s been good there too.  I know I don’t possess enough patience, organization, and desire for cleanliness for what has been demanded of me without Hubby here, showing the house, shuttling middle schoolers and their friends, doctor visits, orthodontist…yadda infinity.  It has to be His supply!

I will miss this class, this neighborhood, and this church so much it already aches.  But God is already providing me with comfort and excitement that is incomprehensible and impossible to explain. 

God be with you till we meet again

By His counsels guide, uphold you

With His sheep securely fold you

God be with you till we meet again (now pep it up:)

Till we me-eee-eeeet till we me-eeeeet,

Till we meet at Jesus feet,

Till we me-eee-eeeet, till we me-eeeet

God be with you till we meet again.

(sniffle break)

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