My First Bar Mitzvah


(is that how you spell it?  I don’t even know!)  Oldest got an invitation to his school buddy’s barM which was a HUGELY fun party in an airport hangar with an actual airplane in it!  I thought it was just 7th grade exaggeration when he said, “the guy’s coming in on a helicopter and they’re gonna play Iron Man when he arrives.”  That’s exactly what happened as we pulled up right at the stroke of 7!  BarM Boy was even in a Tom Cruise flight suit & everything!  It was quite the function…better than any wedding reception I’ve ever gone to!  All that newly-teenager energy, I guess.

Well the kids got treated like royalty.  First chocolate airplanes on the table, then a propellor beanie, glow necklaces and Harry Potter glasses.   Open bar –the best kind–ICE CREAM SUNDAES!  And a flight duffle bag filled with skittles, starburst and other airplane related toys.  What a night!

Still, Jesus is better.

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  1. Leaving house and computer tomorrow for sand and sea. Couldn’t leave, though, without saying how much this touched me. I was wowed by the barM but totally moved by the last statement. Amen, sister! Amen!

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