It’s GAWjuuuus!


I really really really love my new home & town.  The next time I see it, ( the home, not the town) it will be filled with all hubby’s stuff (I sure hope he purges like I have been purging) and it’ll be time to MOVE IN SOME FURNITUUUUUUURE as my other man Ty is so fond of saying.

So my very favorite part of the house is the jets in the tub in the master bathroom.   Bonus but so necessary.  Also the canal access, though we don’t have a boat.  I envision one of those large leaning back chairs with the oversized armrests–a book on one and a watermelon lemonade 😉 on the other.  (There’s only room for one chair…it’s a really small dock, but a dock, nonetheless). 

I made my job rejection calls today to the two Christian schools who offered me teaching positions.  I think God gave me those as an ego push forward and away from the job(s)–one paid, one not–that I have loved for 2 1/2 years and 9 years respectively.  I have decided to sub for the first year in town so we can all get acclimated and I can have more sub sagas to blog about.  I can’t wait to write more dialect dialogues!

So, back to packing and errands.  Last weekend at church.  Heavy sigh.  Last soccer and baseball games.  Heavy sigh.  Not whining, just thankful.


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  1. I’m sure gonna miss you Girly Girl! But I am excited for you and your new adventure!
    Enjoy every little bit of all the “last” things you do in Hockeytown. WooHoo 🙂

  2. I miss you already, please make sure you come by and see me this week/weekend. Ok, so I might be a little slow, but are there pic’s on this blog? I’d love to see the house!

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