Totally narley yo


So my babykid 8 year old has rocked my world by knowing and doing stuff all by his ownself that I did not even teach him or tell him about.  After much begging and pleading, I took a brief hiatus from unpacking and took him down the street to the skatepark his dad mentioned back before The Move. 

Trashmore Skatepark

He dutifully and agreeably wore elbow & kneepads as well as the required helmet.  There were a few “big boys” there but he deftly stayed out of their way.  Almost immediately, he made it all the way up to the top of one of the ramps.  I put down my book and watched in open-jaw shock as he expertly placed this scruffy skateboard’s wheels–all four–off the edge, holding the back tip down with one foot and hardly even took a breath before performing the first of many perfect “step off” moves. 

drop in

I’m flummoxed!  Helmets are hot, so his time was limited but he wants to go back tomorrow.  I guess I should have seen this coming when he was 2 and flying around the Court on the razor scooter, with his hands up on the handles over his head.  Lord, have mercy…


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  1. Oh MY, a future Tony Hawk!!! Go-Ski Bo-Ski!!!
    How is everything going? Just knowing you are gone makes me miss you more!

  2. I’ve been informed by Those Who Know These Things that the correct terminology is “drop in” not “step off.” I stand corrected and continue watching in amazement.

  3. hey “dude” i should come to ur house and sk8 there!!! i’m gettin a new board :):):):):):):) i went to Ryan Cornellie’s Cottage (don’t tell wes he wood be jealous he-he) aidan and i went to concrete jungle (sk8 park) the other day broke my finger ooww! u should come to my beach house!!

    Have fun,

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