The Move In


I would rather walk on my lips than open one more rackafrackin box.  The packing wasn’t too darn bad, since there were 4 – 8 of us doing it.  Kids rooms are done, but there are kitchen boxes and MBR out the wazoo and I ain’t got no mo room left, chile!  Oooo Weee!  You should see the dang garage.  It’s stuffed fuller than a ‘coon in the neighbor’s trash.  (Thought that one up myself).

I figured it out.  It’s “Nahfick.”  I heard it in 47 radio commercials yesterday. 

Babykid is getting all the stories on the blog lately.  We had a darlin’ cute girl & her mom come bring us cookies yesterday.  She’s a rising 4th grader at Bo’s school and boy did the cat get his tongue!  It was way so precious.  He and Biggest Sis followed them over to see where Momma-n-them lived and it was just 2 houses away.  13 year old called his brother “such a playa!”

I’ve never wanted to go to church so bad in my life!  That’s when I know we’ll meet more people, especially the kids.  Big Girl and I will help with VBS next week.  I’m deciding if I should make everyone go…

Ramble complete.  Pictures soon!



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  1. Sounds like you have been industrious! Maybe I need to move?
    I’m sure you will make TONS of friends very quickly, who wouldn’t love you????

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