Skatepark II


The GirlSibs were so intrigued, they came along yesterday to participate with BabyKid Hawk at the skatepark.  (There’s another one in town that we hope to find today).  While seated in the bleachers, Practically Teen Girl and I were watching the action. 

new cell phone

We showed up a tad earlier than the previous day and were blessed with more little beginner kids and less breakneckspeedbaggypantsunderwearshowing teens, which may have been why TomboyGirl got her skate park juju up and, after checking out the ramps and the grinds and basically choosing to skate around on level ground on her roller blades, decided to sit on the edge of The Bowl and slide her way in.  Now, I don’t know much about skateboard parks, but mostly I see Little Hawks just bravely skate down or jump their wheels into the bowl.  Mind you, we weren’t able to see INSIDE the bowl, just her sitting and disappearing INTO the bowl.  Simultaneously and from the far away safety of the Mom/Cautious Sibling bleachers, we were mumbling a commentary. 

“I don’t know how she’s going to get out of there. ” 

“I predict Bro will lay down on his belly and reach for her, but he will be too short.”

This exact predicted event immediately took place to many giggles from the bleachers.  Then as we continued to watch, the Bro wisely reached for his skateboard and stuck that down to her as well to extend his insufficient reach.  Still no rescue.  Less giggling, but more intrigue from the bleachers.

“She’ll figure it out.”  As we see Bro give up his rescue efforts and Tony Hawked hisself away for more fun.  “Oh well…I tried” thought Bro.

By then there was a small audience of on-lookers at the edge of the bowl looking down–either just watching or, hopefully making helpful suggestions.  Fortunately one suggestion was to “take your skates off, Dudette, and walk up in your bare feet.”

This was the ticket.  We see a skate fly up.  Then another, then, just like in the movies, a hand, another hand, and a little helmet with blonde locks flying as she muscled herself up & out of The Bowl.  She patiently put her blades back on and humbly skated back over to us as we cheered wildly.  Her only comment:

“That bowl is HOT!”

Better than TV any day!


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  1. Well, summer has set in here and my kids miss your brood more than ever! It sure is hard some days being here at NRC, while they’re at home, bored. But next week activities begin and boredom should subside.
    At last night’s NewLife service Brad made Kevin Valentine’s departure announcement to the congregation. KV got a standing O and gave a very heartfelt “thank you and au revoir”.
    All is well on the (other) home front here. I shooed away would be “skateparkers” from your back deck 10 minutes after you pulled away. The trash got out and the flowers are getting watered.
    I’m so glad to read your blog, it makes it seem like you less far away. Miss you much!!

  2. I didn’t know that your kids were such dare-devils!! 🙂 I waited with baited breath to read how she was going to get out of this predicament!

    I wanted to let you know at the lunch about KV leaving NRC but was sworn to secrecy! I’m so glad that it’s finally out! Love reading your blogs — I’m always disappointed when there’s nothing new posted! So keep it up! Love you and miss seeing you!

  3. Glad you are finding entertainment in your new place!
    You are right, WAY better than TV.
    Way to problem solve Dudette!!!

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