I’ve been (back) to the year 2000


One of Chris’ co-workers invited us down the street (same street!) for a hang out.  We gladly accepted late Saturday afternoon after the smoke had cleared (Dismal Swamp in NC and one in Chesapeake are somehow burning)  Insert link to more info HERE once you know how to do that sort of thing.  Much to our delight, these wonderful people proceeded to share with us their huge dock over the water, a fake duck and two gie-nor-mous dogs to rocket dive off them repeatedly retrieving the duck, bringing it back and sometimes giving a bonus sprinkle of dog pond water!  How fabulous!  But wait, that’s not all!  Their 4 kids are a flashback for us of our life back in the year 2000, with their little Luke being the spittin image of our little Bethy at 20 months.  The Hair, the Almost-Language, the Funny Toddler Antics, and the Practically Naked with Only Shoes On wardrobe.  (Stay tuned for the “shoes” story if you haven’t heard it).  Insert pictures of Luke and Bethy at Luke’s curent age HERE once you figure out how to accomplish such a feat.  THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, we were offered rides up & down the canal in the kayak and/or canoe!  When Beth wanted to go home to get her swimsuit on, we PADDLED back home, she & Whit hopped out at our 2 person (almost) dock which just that morning had been cleared from many overhanging tree branches for just such a purpose.  Then as they hopped back in, we paddled a wee bit further down to investigate Voices coming from a nearby yard and were rewarded with a conversation of yet 3 more boy neighbors, also young, but one going into 5th grade, as Bethy is, and their dad who chatted with us briefly asking about What Girls Like to Do.  Looks like this may well be the end of a very lonely family-only week here in Virginia Beach. 


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  1. Hey Shan,

    I saw some folks viewing your old homestead yesterday when we were headin’ out for a Kroger run. I was so thankful that we had gone in just a few hours earlier and checked things out. There were no bugs spotted, the toilets were all flushed and the flowers watered. I hope they were serious lookers, not just passin’ through!
    I found the name and number of the person we used years ago for home rentals in the Detroit area. Fran Higgins, DH Property 248-888-9133. My parents used Fran to lease out their house a number of years ago. The deal with corporate transferees and such. I hope this helps.

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