Like the new theme?


Time for a change.   Water under the bridge and all that.  Still love all my MI peeps, tho.  Hello facebook friends!


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  1. Hi Ever-Neighbor Frister!

    Back at ya! Soon I will be an Indiana peeps ;0)

    This is very cool! OKay…but I am still lame. Why “Take the Automatic 7?”

    If you have any hot moving tips, please pass along. I’m rusty…but it’s slowly coming back! Joe started at ND last Wednesday and is commuting. Sound familiar? I’m here while the contractor is making our home spiffy. The PODS container is in the front as we de-clutter and get the house ready to show. Sound familiar? It’s all too familiar! Please tell me this is all worth it =0)!

    Love You!

  2. LOVE the new theme, so much more bang for the buck! Except no buck.
    Look at you, just a blobbing fool! There’s no holding you back!
    If you figure out that link thing, you can teach me!

  3. YES!!! A ‘facebook friends’ mention! That’s ME! Love the new look of the page, and you are learning how to insert pictures–WONDERFUL!!! Your kids look older now that they’re in VA–is there something in the water?!? 🙂

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