Parental Moment, the shmoopy kind


I had one of those heart-thumping, time-warping moments today when my former toddler:  circa 1998 welcomed a current 2008 toddler at VBS.  The wee one looked waaaaaay up at the Giant 10 Year Old and just beamed, taking her hand!  Here’s what it looked like right after that moment as all the Huge, Mature, All-Grown-Up 4th and 5th graders walked their preschool buddies to their first “station” today.  That one’s mine with the pink layer underneath the required orange. 


Bethy plus Buddy

Turns out all those meddling biddies at the grocery store were annoyingly correct all throughout the 90s after they, without fail, asked “are they all yours?” when my 4  were all < 6.  You WILL INDEED miss those days once they’re gone.  What a difference a decade makes.

I’ll try & get a face tomorrow.  She knew I was taking her picture and did not even participate one bit.  Granted, we were all supposed to be praying…but still.


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  1. They can be good at the not participating, can’t they?

    That is something when your little one suddenly becomes the big one!

  2. I’ll try not to sound like an old biddy as I write this, but. . .they grow up so-o-o-o-o fast! My 18 y.o. ‘baby’ surprises me daily–I’ve been taking good, hard looks at her lately because I somehow can’t believe that she’s grown! When did it happen?! Honestly, I don’t know!! Anyway, enjoy every moment (I mean it–even the not so nice moments) because the day is coming when you’ll have a house full of adults! Tho’ I must say, that has it’s wonderful moments too!! 🙂

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