Final Meltdown, BBQ and Webkinz Toss Across


Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds…this kind of meltdown was the grand finale of a super fun week of learning and socializing and singing about God at our first ever Summer Palooza.  Final Meltdown of this sort is actually way delightful as we camped out at First Landing State Park.  As if the last day wasn’t enough of a blowout with lots & lots of hugs!  (Finally got that cute face):

Beth and Regan

Here I am with my fellow Registration Team Divas:registration team

And here’s Bo with Cooper, the ChurchDog:

Bo with Ranger

After that we were just delirously happy to discover Chesapeake Bay with the natives who have been there year after year.  Some swam, some chatted, and some played Capture the Flag:

camping 1chesapeake baycapture the flagchatting

It was a wonderful time.  THEN today after church, Hubby got to crank up his new grill with smoker box.  Well…”new” as in, bought-it-in-October-but-just-opened-the-box.  Talk about your delayed gratification!

smokerBBQ good

God is so darn good to me I can’t hardly stand it sometimes!  Here’s to plenty of goodness on you too.  My cup & plate overfloweth mucho!

One last random insertion…upon move in, the Big Sibs took to chucking BabyKid’s plethora of assorted and assundry WebKinz collection from the upstairs Look-Over hallway onto the Way-High Shelf over mantle.  Just too hilarious at the time and too darn high to do anything about right away.  They will be coming down tomorrow:



4 responses »

  1. And what a cute face it is!!!
    Your house looks lovely!
    Nothing like vacationing with folks to get to know them better. It looks like you are settling right in. I had no doubts.

  2. Everything looks delightful! I’m so happy that you’re all transitioning well! Enjoy the time when you are not quite so busy with ‘everything’. 🙂

  3. Hey Cuz, You all look so well and happy. Great to see you, hope it’s in person soon!
    Love you all, Melissa

  4. looks like my friend Shannon is much too busy to miss her old friend who is pining away, alone at Caribou!!
    Seriously, what a fast move and transition to a new town, home, church. You are making me tired, just reading all you have done so far.
    The house lookes great! Great to see you and the whole fam!!

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