Birthday Eve

Heavy Sigh.  My BabyKid turns 9 tomorrow and that makes this year my last one as a Mom Of Single Digit Aged Kids.  In this one day, I am seeing them all get bigger.  This morning, The “Do It For Me” Diva made a batch of muffins all by her ownself:
Bethy\'s Muffins


She came in cracking up because all of the Wildberries had landed in the last muffin space she poured!  (See the one her thumb is touching?) Of course she claimed that one.

Then, Practically Adult Sister had to show off her new bedding & curtains:

Whitney\'s room


Too cute dontcha think?  Well, except for her alarm clock which is so 1/2 a decade ago.  Being the not so girly girl, she decided many months ago to mummify the unfortunate Disney Princess.  Pooooor Cinderelly:

Poor Cinderellie

Poor Cinderellie

Look how much more college-studentish and progressive you too can be for just $6.99 at Target:
Clock WITH radio for the More Mature female

Clock WITH radio for the More Mature female

  But back to the Birthday BabyKid.  Hubby took him to the Real skateboard store to do the whole Choose-Your-Own-Parts-&-SomeDude-Puts-Em-Together.  Waaaayy cooler than build-a-bear.  Longer Heavy Sigh.

Sweet Ride!

Sweet Ride!

Just look at that face.  Is that the face of a shredder or what?  Notice the collection of skatepark paper bracelets on the one arm.  Rock on, little man.
He is so big, and we are so old that, God help me, he handled the job of actually removing the childproofing from our insanely secure bathroom left behind by the previous owners.  Behold:


 Times, they are a-changin’.  Sunrise….sunset…sunrise…sunset…


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  1. woah. Your kids are huge. I just did a little time warp thing– weren’t they just babies? Wasn’t I just in your wedding? Where did the time go? AHH!!

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