Happy Birthday Sister!


Today is the day that I became a Big Sister several decades and 7 years ago.  BabyL was not only born in the summer, which is just so difficult and annoying when you’re in school–being lumped together and “celebrated” with all the “other summer birthdays” but also just after America’s Birthday, so doubly challenging.  I’m sure this is one of many reasons our parents liked her best and gave her everything she ever wanted and let her do whatever her wee little heart desired.  But I was always fine with that.  😉

On the swim team, the gorgeous 15-17s nicknamed her Puppy Chow because she was so darn cute.  Even after I cut her eyelashes off with safety scissors.  But that was okay with me too.  She is still waaaaayyyyyy cute even though her cheeks are nowhere near as chubby any more.

She followed me to college 300 miles away from home and by then, I was really ready for “home” to come to me, since I was preparing to move even farther away.  I think she may have been shocked that year that I was glad to see her and show her around and be with her often.  That was a special year for us, though hard in other Samfordish ways.

Then I moved to Florida and got married and she came to hang out with us for a summer which was another fun time.  We went to The Mill Bakery and Brewery for muffins and cheesecake and Outback for shrimp on the Barbie and Wallabee Darn’d’s.  Good times.  Seems like eons ago!

We have watched each other become moms and been there for each other as we lost friends, parents, grandparents, and babies, sometimes all at once.  We have celebrated Christmases and Weddings and Road Trips.  We roll our eyes at people and each other and we pray and we laugh.  A lot.  Especially when we’re on the phone yakking it up loudly with gusto and our husbands are tapping their feet for us to hang up and sit down with the family or get in the car or watch a movie or pay at the drive thru.

One of the hardest things about moving for me was adding physical distance between us.  It was hard enough when she moved 2 summers ago from just below us in KY to way “to the left” in MO, (we’re both geographically challenged) but now that we are way “to the right” in VA it’s just almost unbearable.  Except that I know she’ll come here.  And that’s a big reason why I’m not quite feeling like I’m “home” here yet.  As soon as she gets here and sees what it looks like and sleeps in the Big Girl Bed and drinks coffee on the porch in her pj’s, and brings along Miss O.M.G. and The Man for some new coastal memories, THEN we will call this place home.

Remember that birthday when I smashed my piggy bank and used 3 months allowance to buy you that Snoopy backpack?  Me neither.   Thanks for making me way more than just a person.  I’m the Big Sister!




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  1. Made me miss my sisters … *BIG SIGH*. I’m glad that you have a close relationship with your sister! 🙂

  2. Did you really break your piggy bank for me? Now I feel REALLY bad 🙂 Sis, I honestly don’t know what/how I would function without you in my life. As I was reading your story, the resounding theme was that I kept following you. In my mind, I was trying to grow up and “be a big girl” but I knew I couldn’t do it ALL alone. I could move away from “home” but not completely AWAY FROM HOME. . . . click. . . lightbulb. . . OOOOOHHHHHHH. You ARE really far from me right now, huh? Maybe that’s why I’m so cranky. Thanks for finding ways to connect, overlooking the annoying tendencies (not that me or my family has any 🙂 and living life: good and bad, with me. Noone NOone NOONE can take the place of a sister.

    Love you,
    PS love the boat pictures. . . even better than the ones in my mind from your story.

  3. You two hang on to each other with all your might…I sure miss my sister (and I was so mean to her when we were little. but she deserved it cause she was such a pain. not really) She was so good to me and i miss her terribly….happy birthday Laura…hope we can all be together soon…See you soon Shan..you`re not so far away now I love you Aunt Sister

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