21 days but still a landlubber


“It won’t be long” a friend said to me when I told her we would be living on a canal, but we don’t yet have a boat.  Well, she was right because we didn’t even make a month.  Hubby has been ebaying, Craig’s listing and basically drooling over the canoes in every sporting goods store in the Hampton Roads area.  Did I mention we finally got our Economic Stimulus Package?

So Craig’s List came through for us.  If you’re not familiar, www.craigslist.com is a buy/sell/swap/free website that you can browse locally for anything you can think of, dream up or just plain browse for when you got nothing better to do.  There was a great story about a guy who traded up a red paper clip on Craig’s List **not actually on Craig’s List, but still***.  His goal was to trade all the way up to a grill, then a boat, then a house.  Check in on that guy and see how he did it.  http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com    ANYWAY. We traded $250 for a dingy.  Voila:

Here’s where it is supposed to be.  Can’t you just feel the intense planning?

Here’s where it is:

And here’s how it got there.

Step 1:  Turn on it’s side, place cardboard boxes on the pavement, and scooch it through the narrow gate.

Step 2:  Glide effortlessly with manly strength across the wet grass.

Ever so gracefully…but alas, the gate to the water is much more narrow. So here she stays for now.

so close, and yet...

so close, and yet...

Yo ho ho!


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  1. Hahahahahahaha! Dave was out mowing on the red mower this morning. I still see he-man Chris! Good to know some things never change!

  2. That’s a mighty fine boat you’ve got there!
    Never been on craigslist, might have to check that out, I do have a paper clip!

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