Rockin the Sabbath


I have 3 favorite CDs in the Pilot/Celica at the moment:

Mandisa–gotta love someone who witnesses to Grouchy Simon on national TV!  “Only the World” is my theme song on bad days–which, Thank God, I haven’t really had in a while, but still love the song.

This one’s from 2002 but I dug it back out again and love it just as much as I did way back in my early 30s 😉    Michael W. Smith’s  Worship Again  The song “Ancient Words” is haunting and thoughtful:

Words of life, words of hope/Give us strength, help us cope,

In this world where’er we roam/Ancient words will guide us home

Ancient words, ever true/Changing me and changing you,

We have come with open hearts/Oh, let the ancient words impart.

One last awesomely unique fave:

The band is Mission.  The album is Eucharist.  They played at the Willow Creek Children’s Ministry conference “Conspire” April 23-25, 2008 and rocked a number of old people and hymns in a most excellent fun worshipful manner.  I didn’t buy the CD at the conference but thankfully found it last week on iTunes.  If you iTune, listen to Joyful Joyful first–my favorite!  PLUS the proceeds go to charitable causes since all these guys love the Lord and have other jobs.  I can’t encourage you strongly enough to try a listen.  Hope you like!

Psalm 118:24  This is the day the LORD has made…we will “spin around with joy” in it!


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