Nice plates — IN COLOR!


So everyone in Va Bch has personalized tags.  Apparantly, there is no additional charge, so with enough forethought and creativity, you too can drive away with the message of your dreams.  Some I’ve seen lately are:





and my personal favorite


The trouble is, the more I see, the more my brain seizes up and the more petrified I become that I won’t be able to think of one that’s not taken.  The best I have been able to come up with for my silver Pilot is


Any suggestions?

Here are a few I saw just today:

All of these were in the parking lot of a building where I had an interview today!  Here’s 2 more that I loved:

I’m devastated about that last one.  Not that I could’ve come up with it, but it’s just so darn perfect for me.  I am armed with a few more ideas though.  Thanks for the input!  Keep those suggestions coming till we survive DMV 2 Dreams Come True.


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  1. hey shannon thanks so much for the mug and starbucks gift card! I always need coffee money!! haha. I hope all is well! Thinking of you!

  2. My friend from Virginia and I always joke that Va. is the vanity plate capital of the world! We have seen some doozies!
    Abby and I saw one yesterday:
    NO4N4us on a Ford SUV.
    Very appropriate up here in car country.
    My big vans plate is ABCAB.
    There was supposed to be a break between the Ab and the cab, but we had a supernaturally stoopid DMV person who made everything SOOOOO difficult.

    You could pick AUTO7, but that is not very famiy-ish.

  3. I’m considering the very wise advice from the Grampa of one of the Sweet Potato Queens:


    Need one for the red Celica too. And the “project car” a GMC Jimmy Typhoon

  4. ok, I can’t stop thinking about this. I just am so out of touch with license plates, I’m not sure how many letters you get, so without limits, here’s my suggestions:


    BEEZER (as in what’s your phone call?)

    APPA JUS (for Wes)


    Just a few. Love you !


  5. looking at your suggestions again and laughing at the hi ho silver one, I realized, with an appropriate space, it would read:
    hi hoag
    maybe that’s what threw me off 🙂

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