O.K. … FINE!


I’m not too proud to admit I’m a Messie with 3 Messie offspring.  I’m also not too proud to make my faithful commenters happy by posting AS IS photos of those rooms I slid past in the last post.  Here ya go:

Toldja so

Toldja so

  He has a great view, but too much light screws up the photo.  The only things in his otherwise empty laundry basket are about 4 wet towels that I put there myownself.  Here is where the clean clothes SHOULD be:

Here’s a redeeming shot, though I promised myself always that I would NEVER let my kids have a TV in their room.  Never say never…you may find yourself with 2-4 less rooms than you had before!

Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Here is the FROG.  It has potential.  I shoulda taken the photo last week when we finished cleaning and unpacking together.  The sofa/bed was bought for $10 at a garage sale and he LOVES it even though many humans would consider that mattress unworthy for the garbage.  Plus we can’t find sheets for it and he refuses to use ones I constantly cram on there.  See?  I tried to shelter you, but you asked for it!  I hope our friendship can survive such knowledge…

He’s dying to sell that Gretsky poster (by the TV) on ebay.  It has the Twin Towers in the background so I think it’s beyond cool and historic.  I won’t let him part with it…even if I have to rebuy it myself.

  Note the empty bookshelf and laundry basket.  ???  The only light in the FROG is that flourescent number you see reflected in the mirror.  There’s tons of natural light, though, but again, with the shade up, it makes the photo look like heaven beckoning, which is not an awful thought, just hard to see what you asked to see…

Boy Bathroom

Boy Bathroom

I neglected to include kid bathroom shots in the last post.  Since this bathroom is used by 2 parts boy and 1 part tomboy, I put the sports team pictures in here.  Look at the cute gender neutral shower curtain rings I got at Bed Bath & Beyond:

  Below is the guest bathroom all for you.

And because I’m feeling particularly generous, I will include a shot of the Pool Table Room.  I can never hold a grudge.  Although, I’m sure to get a call or strongly worded text message from my Wise Friend who will be sorely disappointed in me for losing the battle AND the war. 
Pool Table Room

Pool Table Room

Do not be concerned, my well meaning friends.  Here is where we have eaten every family meal together since we moved in on June 15. 
The Real Dining Room

The Real Dining Room

And here is where you can loll afterwards. 
This was taken at 11:00 am.  Rest assured that it is shady and relaxingly cool post beach trip/supper/dessert.  Beth is fake reading “BBQ USA.” 

I hope you’re happy now!


4 responses »

  1. Thank you for sharing, my mind is finally at ease 🙂
    What is up with boys not wanting their sheets on???? SHEEESH.
    As far as your messy boyrooms? Oh my, I can beat that that by a thousand MILES!!!!!
    Mr Hobo Pants is an A -NUMBER ONE Messy.
    Have you read the Messy Manual? Love that book. My manual for life!

  2. P.S. I told him you wanted a picture of the hobo pants. He smiled sheepishly and said it would be an invasion of his privacy.
    I’ll see what I can do about that!!!!

  3. I love how ‘real’ you are! Don’t ever change!! I didn’t think it looked bad at all! So what if there are clothes on the floor?! That’s life — right there — my friend! Who ever said that our homes needed to look like something from the pages of ‘House Beautiful’? A real home looks like people live there!

    BTW: My 21 year old daughter (!) has more dirty clothes on her floor right now than I saw in any of your pics! I lovingly suggested that she could easily gather them up and take them down to the laundry room. She told me that she was meaning to get around to it … 🙂

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