Midnight Madness


So the very day I got the go-ahead to purchase Guitar Hero III Aerosmith, I hauled bootie over to our Friendly Neighborhood Game Stop.  The super peppy dude…you heard me, I said “super” PEPPY Dude at the checkout effortlessly talked me into pre-ordering NCAA football for $5, also mentioning that there would be a “midnight madness” PARTY for the release.  Woo Hoo!  A Party!!!  My calendar is currently so very empty we are using squares in the month of July for grocery wish lists and notes to self.  Since my offspring are aging almost as fast as I am, with nary a compliment in my immediate future, I thought they might consider me for Coolest Mom Ever if I plunked down an additional $5 for the latest and greatest PS2 entertainment.  (That’s right…we are soooo 2003 with our gaming.  Some technology, and the dollars it takes to procure, we just refuse to progress from).  I mentally envisioned the Madness to include a packed-out Game Stop with trays of cucumber sandwiches, or maybe little weenies in crescent rolls, quite possibly mini “Cokes” of every flavor (we are in the south, after all) and many MANY people behind me in line waiting to get what I was going to have before them.  My boys would look at me so lovingly and gratefully heap praises on me, rising up and calling me blessed even, for being so generous as to bring them along way past midnight to get something that would, no doubt, bring them hours of seated, air-conditioned football bliss.  The girls would have a smashing time at the closest thing to Mardi Gras that they will hopefully ever experience this side of 25.  But it didn’t quite work out like the Game Stop Midnight Madness of my dreams.

Yawning that evening way before 10:00 pm, I began to slink into “what was I thinking” mode, but alas, the Midnight Party Plan had already been announced and prepared for.  The younger kids & parent went on to bed at a decent hour while I sleepdrove my two excited night owl tweens to the “bash.”  The mulititudes I was expecting didn’t quite turn out.  There were maybe 5 other people wandering aimlessly up and down the one aisle from roughly 11:25 when we got there.  These were not normal people.  Even compared to the DMV.  These were Die Hard Gamers and not one other mom-type person was in sight.  Fortunately, there were snacks.  Unfortunately, however, Combos are about my least favorite snack cracker wannabe.  There were no takers on the multitude of Combos so carefully and symmetrically laid out on the counter.  Fortunately, there was also a “game” for “prizes”.  Toss the football through the cut up poster & win a snap on cover for your Wii.  Unfortunately, we were given only 2 tries, so no Automatic 7-ing.  Phooey.  Oldest was having no part of it.  Neither the Girl.  Unfortunately I tried and missed.  Automatic 2 I guess.  But FORTUNATELY there were also other prizes.  Free deoderant samples.  The red one with the ship on it…what is that one again?  English Leather comes to mind, but that’s not it.   VERY unfortunately no one wanted free deoderant samples.  EXTREMELY unfortunately (for us) they really could’ve put them to good use according to PreTeen Daughter who has a shark’s nose for all scents–pleasant and non.  That was one reeking store, according to SharkNose and she was wishing they would ALL take their samples and use them with abandon.  So with no interesting snacks, nothing good to smell and nowhere to run/hide.  What could we do but begin texting each other to pass the time.  This proved to be doubly entertaining for both Daughter and me since Brother had recently lost his phone on the Gryffon at Busch Gardens and was getting more & more irritated by the second as we stood near him snickering and checking our messages.  From each other.  And reporting the time every 30 seconds.

Finally FINALLY the clock struck midnight and we left at once with game in hand to go home to bed.  Brother stayed up until 5:00 in the morning playing an entire season with not so much as a Thank You yawn.  Ah, adolescents in the summer time.  Madness indeed.  Anytime, all the time…it’s not just for midnight anymore.


2 responses »

  1. old spice.
    no suprise the sniff tester was in full force!
    thanks, mom for the great game and staying up late and being so cool. . . there someone said it.

    u rock!

  2. I was just going to say Old Spice, but SharkNose beat me!

    They had BETTER rise up and call you blessed. You couldn’t dynamite me out of the house at that hour to go to a game store! I would be 10ToesUp by then!!!

    Tell Sharky that HoundDogNose says “Rock On!”.

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