Surfin USA


I had some profound moments of thought at the beach recently.  It is, right now and for the foreseeable future above and beyond the temperature for mere lolling & reading on the shore.  Yes, indeedy, the time has come, and is here that calls for more than periodic cooling off measures at least every 20 minutes.  In case ya’ll (that’s right…I said “Y’all” just like I grew up doin’) haven’t been to the beach in a while, the kind of cooling off I’m speaking of entails knee deep splashing and, later in the day, wet hair.  Therefore, it is just as much fun to go on and get (or “git”) all the way in and have some fun for a while.  This I had already determined to do a few days ago, so I had bravely brought along one of our boogie boards for some pseudo-surfing.  Now, I don’t know much about actual surfing, but I do know the one cardinal law is to Be Particular.  As in, don’t paddle out 1/2 way and turn around for any old puny or ill-timed wave…wait for a Good One.  This useful rule can carry over into SOOOO many areas of one’s life, hence the afore-mentioned profound thoughts while pseudo surfing.  As I paddled to & fro and kicked around to find and stay in a potentially worthy spot to catch a tasty wave (Spicoli?  Where’d you come from?) I thought about waiting.  Specifically, how I am right now, even as I wait for a Wave of Significance, also find myself waiting in life for the next LifeWave…of parenting through the teen years, of beginning and developing a new career at 40, (what’s that?  you can’t believe I’m 40?  why thank you eversokindly!) and waiting for a new wave of friendships & loyalties, and experiences and memories.  How very good and faithful God is to remind me through His creation that waiting is not horrible but can be pleasingly restful and provide those quiet waters we are so longing for during hurricane season.  Even when we think we are overdue for a Good Wave.  Enjoy the wait and, when the time & the wave comes, Hang Ten Honey!


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  1. SSSSOOOOOOOOOO glad you are in the beach waiting wave time of your life. . sure beats the hospital, sick family member, cold dark (etc etc) waiting times, huh? You are so SMART and so gracious to remind us of the TRUTH that God is good in the begining, the end, and the in-between.

    Love you!

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