We are Family


I come to you LIVE from Raleigh, NC a mere 4 hours west & south, according to LaShonda, our newest family member & extremely helpful GPS.  HOW have we LIVED without you, LaShonda?  Our family is at last COMPLETE!  Fun was had by all on the drive and now it’s time to swim.  Hubby will be joining us in a few hours around the time the Hotlanta Cuzzins appear.  We are all excited to see Sr. Cuz play in a soccer tournament.  Oldest is quite excited to watch the rising sophomore GIRLZ play as well.  For multiple reasons.

Then post-game we will frolic on across NC to West Jefferson for some quality time with the Grandparents in their new mountain-top abode.  You can BET pictures will be forthcoming.  Have a great weekend, all ye in cyber land!


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  1. Love your clever name ! We named ours Nuuvi which was the brand!
    Mostly we call it Daddy’s Girlfriend, cause it is his Luvah.

    Have a great vaca. Looking forward to the photo’s.

  2. Ohmygosh– West Jefferson! One of my best friends just moved from there– I love W. Jeff. It’s so cute –and only 2.5 hours away from Charlotte– if you decide you get tired of the mountains! 😉

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