“You could make that” “Oh…could I?”


My sweet, talented, amazingly wonderful mother used to look at things and instinctively know how to do it herself.  In addition to teaching 3rd grade, church youth group, adult Sunday School, and heading up the Junior Miss Pageant, in her spare time she was very VERY crafty.  She made this:

And she made this cute wooden personalized purse for her mom/my Mimi:

And when her grandchildren were born, she made them each a quilt.  Here’s the BabyKid’s:

(Don’t tell the first 3, but they got better each time…on this one the bear’s eyes are buttons from a dress that I wore as a little girl.  I mean COME ON!!!!  How cool is that?)

Then after my dad died in 2000, she made a quilt out of his shirts.  Go on and get yourself some Kleenex:

I know.  It is a TREASURE.  She finished it in 2002 with the last of her strength as she was going through chemo & radiation for a brain tumor.  She died a year later in October 2003.  Heavy Sigh.

**By the way, he didn’t have shirts that were red & flowerdy or yellow polka dots…the non-manly pieces are just accent fabrics.  I just thought you should know that.  He would appreciate me making that clear.**

So even though MY MOM could “make that” and she assumed that I could “make that,” I usually didn’t believe her.  My retort, sometimes verbal, was always, “No, YOU could make that.”  Well, much to my surprise, I have found myself becoming my mother (not such a bad thing in many ways) and have recently heard myself saying to myself before I can stop myself, “OOOOhh, I bet I could make one of those…D’OH!  I did it again!”  Here are some things that made me say that recently:

This is a 2 Corinthians 13 bracelet.  Love is patient (bead for patient) Love is Kind (bead for kind)  cute, huh?

This is a bag I got at a conference.  I have seen people here with ones made out of towels.  Hmmmmmm…

flip flop wreath

flip flop wreath

And THIS is a darling wreath on my neighbor’s door.  I haven’t met them yet, so this photo was a “drive by.”

So what do YOU like to make?  Tell me about your craftiness!  (Recipes count too).


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  1. Hey Shannon!

    Do not let them see your green, ruffly slippers! It could get ugly when they want to steal them right off your tootsies to add to their wreath =0)

    They should arrive Monday via UPS.


  2. Oh my, your Mother sounds wonderful!
    The quilt IS a treasure, what an awesome testimony to your Father and his character!

    I like to bead also, just don’t do it too much!
    I think gardening is creative, I like to putter.
    Scrapbooking, another thing that doesn’t get much time thrown at it.

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