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Well, hello there!


Oh, the joy!  The bliss!  A practically empty house and The Day!

Hubby has taken the Big Three to Williamsburg for Oldest to play in a soccer tournament.  The only reason BabyKid gets to stay here is because he has an Extended Lazer Tag Birthday Party just down the street from where I need to spend some time this afternoon.  So Yay! for me!  I have way less parenting duties this weekend!  Which is a win/win/win/win/win/WIN because I was all but ready to haul in the duct tape and wire hangers.  Teenagers and almost-ones are so rackafrackin’ noisy!  When they’re “relaxing” its the music.  When they’re in the “angst” we’ve all heard so much about, its the voices.  When they’re obediently doing their chores, it’s the slamming of things…you get the idea.

So the Saturday morning quiet?  It feels like Christmas morning to this weary Mama.

And just in time, too, since I volunteered for the 3:00 – 9:00 shift tomorrow at the Marathon Starting Line.  That’s a.m.  Tomorrow.  Then right to church. 

Oh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself.

At least it’ll be quiet.

I JUST wanna work I DON’T wanna play on the drum all day


I have a new place!  It is a closet room/office off the K-1 Large Group room.  And I also have a task:  Create a 13 piece puzzle for our Fall Unit.  It needs to hang.  And be colorful.  And make sense.  And fit together.  I need to be there today, but instead I have been volunteering at the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Friends are coming from TN to run it which makes me very excited!  But I digress.

Here is my office “before”


And after:


Thank you, BSF bud & resident artiste LisaB!  I love my watch!!!

What not to NOT wear…one can only hope


Life is like Ross Dress for Less.  You nevah know what you’re gon’ git.

(But you can be pretty sure it will be 100% polyester.)

But shopping alone is reason for a celebration post and I am easily pleased and besides, Stacey and Clinton have yet to pop up and offer me $5000 so this is the best I can do for under $10.  Each.  Not total. 

Even on children’s ministry wages I’m not THAT thrifty.

I already had the necklace.  Can you tell the top is brown?  With a satiny sash?  Ooh la la!  A new favorite!

I know, I know.  “Paging Greg Brady.”  But it really does look cute on.

Wild Women Do (and they don’t regret it_.  It was time for a leopard print.  Notice how the jeans are folded under in half width wise.  Don’t they make “me” look long and lean this way???
Another one that looks better on.  At least I hope it does…
Can you see the sparkles on this one? 
IT is the CHOSEN ONE which will be making an appearance at the concerts this weekend.   Eddie Money (free)  Warrant (free) and Billy Idol, Morris Day (and The Time) as well as the B-52s to name a few.   I loves me some events shopping!

Am I ready for some football? You talkin’ to me?


Are you asking ME if I’M ready for some football?  Well, I don’t rightly know.


I do know that it was a safe distraction to lure the 8 year old away from MI “hackey” by speaking freely of the awesomeness of football down south.


I do know that he looks oh, so cute in his uniform,

but even his game face has a hint of a smile.


I also know that the quickest way to see your infant as a grown up is for him to put on a helmet and shoulder pads.


I know his DAD and Big Bro are ready for some football as there has been much discussion on the different meanings of “safety” and what a touchback is and where to grab the dude you are attempting to tackle and how to spin away from the dude that’s attempting to tackle you.


But up until today, this has all been speculation and theory and practice.  At the Jamboree today all 10 teams played a few downs with each other,  politely taking turns on offense and defense while the coaches dramatized their favorite Pro Coach antics, (sans headphones), meanwhile, those little guys piled up a little too high and stayed on the ground just a fraction longer than is good for this ol’ nervous system. 


Am I ready for some football?  Not really…but I’ve got another week.

Best Dream EVER


I woke up just before dawn with a memory of potentially the Very Best Dream I Ever Had.  It must be all the Tivo and Fall TV commercials working their subliminal magic, because I dreamed I was on “Dancing with the Stars” and my partner was Jim Halpert (aka John Krazinsky) from The Office!   I mean, the whole shebang with me dressed up in satin and sparkles with the hair and the heels…Jim dapper in a tux and joking with me, both of us having THE BEST time!  I had that blank feeling as the music is starting, “Why do I feel like I’ve never practiced?  I don’t remember what I’m supposed to do!”  Jim just looks at me and says “You know this” and leads away.  I’m like a beat and 1/2 behind him the whole time, but just doing my best.

THE BONUS of the dream is that THERE WAS NO JUDGING!  I mean, can you imagine?  How much fun that would be (for them, not for us, the viewers) if there was NO JUDGING?  They would never leave the show!

Then after everyone was done and the cameras stopped rolling.  We all were sitting around on the dance floor in our costumes and someone brought around a plate of brownies and snacks.  I refused one thinking (in my dream) “If I eat so much as a raisin, it will poke out of this satin costume like…well…a raisin.”

I woke up so happy!

Big Day


I’m excited, thrilled, anxious, happily wiling away the minutes until I go to my new job at SBCC!  Soon I will have a desk and a new additional email address and maybe some pens.  As I got ready I kept hearing Stacey, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy conversing with me, instructing me, in turn, due to the constant marathon watching of WNTW every single day since we got the Cox on-demand cable box.  I think I would do them proud today.  The denim jacket may be a bit much…but now I’m rambling.

I’ll be going in for just a few hours this morning.  I warned the Chitlins to sleep in as long as possible.  Then later today, I’m meeting my college A-B dorm buddy who lives only about an hour away.  I haven’t seen her since 6 kids ago (all 3 of hers + 3 of mine).  “Jennie Glama” too-aht me how to too-alk like a NY Flaridian and how to dance without moving my feet off the ground.  I love her parents and brother too.  We were in each other’s weddings…that kind of bud.  She’s a keeper and I can’t wait to catch up…and as a bonus, there’s a newborn baby to snuggle!


It’s a big BIG day!