I backed my way into the call to ministry.  In the fall of 2005, my BabyKid was headed to 1st grade and it was time for me to turn towards the working world.  I went to career counseling at a nearby community college, announcing that I would do “anything but teach.”  I was enamoured by the dramatic OnStar commercials I kept hearing on the radio so we began to research dispatching and telephone operator opportunities.  (A good fit for a Talker, right?)

On a whim, and to prove I was NOT called to teach, I rebelliously interviewed at a nearby church (not NRC) for the Director of their (weekday) Preschool, though I had neither administrative training nor experience.  To prepare for that interview, I bravely called Anita at NRC, the Director of Discovery Island Kids Ministry, whom I did not know, and asked her what kinds of questions she might ask someone in an interview such as this.  She “mock” interviewed me and suggested that I might want to call her back if things didn’t work out.  I almost didn’t call back, but a friend suggested that I “cover all the bases.”  Good call!

When Anita interviewed me for real for the position of Preschool Programmer, weekend/midweek services, she asked “Do you feel called into the ministry?”  I answered, “I am not sure if I am called or not…I just realize other doors are shutting and this one remains open.”  After a background check and careful reference checking, I came on board the Discovery Island team.  Here is a picture of me on my first day of work. 

  I shared a desk with MG who had this prop waiting in the wings over his/our desk.  As if that wasn’t enough…we also shared a birthday.  Yes, sometimes God has to be THAT obvious before I will listen to Him.

Here’s DI preschool “back in the day”

To be “culturally relevant” in preschool sometimes required securing special well-known and respected guest speakers:

In September 2006, we moved our ministry into Phase III, The Boardwalk.

As the large group Programmer of the Preschool curriculum I had the privilege of working on sets:

…and leading the teaching, praise & worship, and tech team volunteers for 4 weekend services and a monthly midweek service.  I also produced and directed 2 puppet teams and loved when it was “my turn” to teach!

God continues to do amazing things at NRC and in Discovery Island, (without me!) and I’m excited to see what He will allow me to participate in here in Virginia Beach at Spring Branch.


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  1. Wow, I have never seen that new part, that is somthing!

    I’m sure God has BIG plans for you, cause you’ve got skillz Lady!

    And God is not a “Waste-A-Roo” !!

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