Love MY neighbor as yourself…it won’t be difficult


Three houses ago, the thing I loved the most about our house was the neighborhood and the neighbors.  One neighbor in particular…let’s call her….Mary…is STILL being particularly neighborly…even as she moves this week several states away from the house I remember her moving into!  Behold the awesome neighborliness from the flurry of July emails copied & pasted below:

Hi, Dear Friend!

I read your comment about walking around Plymouth and I have SUCH a favor to ask of you.  The week before we moved, I went into a store downtown that I had never been in before when I immediately fell head over heels in love with some ruffly sandals I saw in the window.  They didn’t have those sandals in my size (L) but I bought another adorable completely different pair.  I canNOT stop thinking about those ruffly sandals that came in the kickiest array of colors!  I would even be content if you went and just BOUGHT YOURSELF a pair, LOVED them, and BRAGGED to me all about them! 
Here’s the trouble…I can’t remember the store name or exact location, so it will be a bit of a Mocha-sipping kidless downtown Plymouth mini-spree if you are so willing.  (That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?)  The places coming to mind when I try and mentally locate that store are…
1) the store across from Charter One that keeps changing hands, near the haircut place (I’m pretty sure that’s not the right place)
2) the store down from Starbucks that usually has Native American stuff in the window (getting warmer…not sure)
3) the store on Ann Arbor Trail (?) that used to have mostly beds & bedding in it…still may…sandals in the back and DEFINITELY in the window.  The lady told me she sold them like hotcakes all winter long, so I’m pretty sure she’ll still have them.  I would like ANY color.  Seriously!  And I’ll BUY YOU A PAIR if you go get me some and send them to me!  You can even pack them up and send them from South Bend whenever you get around to opening that particular box way in your brilliant future.  I don’t care if I’m in the Red Hat society by then.  I will still love them and wear them daily no matter what.  And so will you.  If you, by the grace of God find them, put them on hold (both pair) and I will overnight you a check!  And if God loves me SO much that they are on SALE–even 1%–get me two pair!

TADA!!!!!  One pair of L, green, ruffle-y slippers is yours =0)!!!
As it happened, I was cooling my heels waiting for JKid and his friend at Zap Zone in Canton when I got your message.  So when they finished and I dropped DFriend off at his house, we zoomed over to downtown Plymouth.  A spot opened up right in front of the store and I saw the slippers!!! A choir of angels started singing….the rest is history!
I told the gal behind the counter I was on mission, read a bit of your message so she would know the magnitude of this mission.  She laughed and said she had been waiting 4 months for these to come in. 
I got a pair, too, just to feel connected to you and be as styling as you!
Then the gal then said she remembered you when I described you as as all bubbly, always wearing some cute, signature piece of jewelry.  ” I know her!”, and I said, “Yeah.  She’s my friend =0)”  And I was happy.
The kids and I went to Starbucks after (because it is that bed store just a few shops away) and I bought an extra drink for P-Dude, who had been at home all day.  M-Boy said, “Is that for Mrs. Automatic7?” 
Gotta dash…someone wants to come look at the house tonight!

(then from me again)


I am soo so so so SOOOOOOOOOOO happy!

And ever so impressed that you GOT that message and so immediately and excellently completed your mission with such intense focus and speed!  As I said, just to know that they are HAD is almost quite enough for me.  To imagine them on the way to me is icing AND sprinkles on the chocolate chip marble cake, and to see them in person will be almost more than I can bear in this lifetime.  I can SO picture your darling tootsies in them!  What shade of pedicure…hmmm…rose perhaps?  With a sparkle?  Maybe a french pedi?  Oooh la la!  We will have to coordinate toenails, nay, entire OUTFITS and PURSES to complete the ensemble, no?

Thank you eternally for doing this for me while packing, showing your home and toting various and sundry children to and fro.  And thanks to M-Boy for knowing you would potentially do such a thing as ADD a Starbucks TO that lovely errand for Mrs. Auto7.  That warms my heart to NO end!

Oh, how you ROCK!!!!


Frister Me

I do believe this is a blogworthy story…don’t you? 

AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!  See how happy they are to be loved  They are even cuter than I remembered!


I can hardly wait for them to get here!!!

"Mary" and her adorable tootsies!
“Mary” and her adorable tootsies! What a woman!


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  1. Those are ADORABLE! What is the name of the store? Heck, I live here and the landmarks are not all familiar! I can get to Starbucks.
    What a good friend!!!!!!!

    What is going ON with your blog rearranging all over the place?

  2. Thank you Shannon =0)

    And for those of you who live here, the “Store Which Shall Remain Nameless”~because I STILL can’t remember the name~ is located on Ann Arbor Trail in Plymouth, between the Starbucks and the Edible Arrangements shops. “Bed” is in the name of this cute little shop. The owner is Pat and she is one young looking, friendly granny.

  3. PS I have other awesome neighbors too: Ypsi ones who kept our kids on many occasions, taught piano lessons to youngsters, celebrate birthdays, & coordinate sports teams and from the Plymouth ‘hood who have done and are doing wonderful splendid neighborly things as well. “Debbi & Daughter” are checking the house for bugs and dust. “Cindy & Son” are keeping the lawn beautifully manicured” “Betsy & Sons” have agreed to let us stay with them at their beach house in SC at the end of this month.

    My VA neighbors sure have BIG driveways to fill…

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sandals.
    Seriously, you guys write those sort of . . .really -smart-creative-have-to-think-of-creative-words-….. letters to each other????? I love my friends, but we are not NEARLY that literary. I’m ever impressed, yet not AT ALL suprised.


    PS. sis, you can actually CALL me because you WANT to :). I think your phone misses me 🙂

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