Random Typical Day


Well, it sure has been a marathon day for me.  Beginning with car-to-inspection station errand which concluded with me walking home to wait for the call back.  We were all ready for an ALL A/C ALL DAY day, so we decided it was time for a trip to the mall.

But before we could go to the mall, I had to go to the BANK.  I received a whopping $80.00 refund from Comcast Cable, so that was a usable little stash.  Let’s see how far it goes…

And WHILE we were at the bank, I realized that I left the orthodontist documentation at the Deli where we stopped for lunch yesterday.  So we returned to fetch the written evidence of THAT depressing financial decision.

THEN on the way to the mall, BoyKid reminded me the skatepark was nearby so we detoured there for about 40 minutes.  The girls & I opted for Monster Slushies then retreated to the bleachers of Mount Trashmore.

THEN when the gang was sufficiently jacked up on slushie syrup and the A/C cranked to 11, we patiently sat in left lane traffic on the WAY to the mall.  For quite a while.  Meanwhile in the RIGHT lane, all manner of zooming by grown up hooligans were not heeding the “right lane ends” sign.  I’m not whining, I’m just sayin’…

Finally we made it to Lynnhaven Mall.  A land of hope and joy and joyness.  Of course it was lunchtime and everyone was STAAAAARVING.  Three of us got DQ hotdogs and Thin Mint Blizzards.  BigSis had a practically WHOLE thin mint in hers.  I recommend them highly.  Two of us got Chick-Fil-A and waffle fries.  One of us, the one who DROVE, got a brownie in addition.  YUM!

We had enough left over scrilla for a few treasures from the dollar store.  (GOTTA love a mall with a dollar store IN IT!  And right by the food court–BONUS!!!)  NeighborKid got a Jesus Hearts Me lanyard.  GirlKid got a Smiley Face lanyard.  I got flip flops for my flip-flop wreath (idea stalked & stolen from neighbor) and BabyKid got a rubber bow and arrow set.  Obviously, I was deep in my creative crafty zone, mentally constructing my flip-flop wreath and failed to think like a rational Mother.  I didn’t even snap out of it when one of the Observant Fair-Police Sistas repeatedly asked, “You’re letting him get a bow and arrow?”  Crafty brain does come at a cost.  Often the victims are those we love most.

 Next door at Dave and Barry’s, where everything is $8.98, BigSis got a shirt. 

 Next door to THAT, I got the last beach towel of summer from Old Navy for $6.00.

The highlight of the day was finding a double decker carousel off in a whole ‘nother section of the mall we didn’t even know was there.  How could I say no?  Pretty soon they won’t beg me anymore to ride the horsies…and you gotta love that they’re big enough to go by themselves.  BONUS for the madre!

Good times, good times.  (Behold the proud owners of the lanyards!)  After the joy ride, we hauled it home to check on the sleeping in TeenBoy.  After not long, it was time to bundle up for football (BoyKid) and soccer (BigBro & NeighborKid Dude).  I drove him here, turned around & drove them there, and found myself thankful for time alone in the car, drove him back and drove them back and now find myself home & ready for PJs. 

Oh yeah. 


Sounds like EMFH night.  (That stands for “Evah Man Fo Hisself” in my Mimi’s SC dialect).  You can call it “EvahMan” for short like we do.  It is a VERY useful strategy on days like today, and, like the Thin Mint Blizzard, recommended highly.

I hope you have had a fine Wednesday!


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  1. I just remembered the funniest thing that happened at the mall yesterday. I was in the bathroom and a grandma was in there with her 2 grandchildren. The 6ish boy was hanging out by the sinks (done) and the 5ish girl was holding g’mas door because the locks on all doors were dysfunctional. I hear the boy saying “I found money, G’ma! I found money! Can I keep it?” G’ma from the stall says, NO! DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. I am mildly interested at this point but not really paying attention until I go out to wash my hands and see him fluttering around a peel-back strip from a maxi pad! This is his “money.” I am chuckling to myself as G’ma, from the stall, is still calling “ARE YOU RIGHT THERE? STAY RIGHT THERE BY THE SINKS AND DON’T MOVE AND DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.” The boy stops flutter/flying around the peel-back strip, neatly folds it, and puts it in his pocket. I guess pink money is just as good as the green kind in his little world. Rock on, little man!

  2. oh my lord. I am so glad I was going to post a comment and read your little update… too funny!

    Your day makes my head spin! Guess thats a sign there aren’t kids anywhere near my future anytime soon! 🙂
    love ya!

  3. That carousel was amazing! And you’re right … soon they won’t be riding the horsies anymore! Sounds like a grand day! Loved the ‘pink money’ story! 🙂

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