Same time last year


I was recently scrolling through mounds of pictures and found one of our adventures from Aug 2007.  My oldest friend, VolKitty and her family invited us to visit them in KY.  Much to their surprise, we came.

  Here we are at our 20th HS reunion.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a picture of us as little girls?  They didn’t have computers or memory sticks back then.  Or cameras.  But we were SOOOO cute.  Here’s a little bit what we looked like:

Those are mine on the left in each kid picture and hers on the right.  We really did look a lot like that–especially the oldest-s!

Well, Mr. Vol-K is an avid boater, even going so far as to play the “Redneck Yacht Club” song in preparation for what we would experience on Saturday at Lake Somerset.  It was a blast!

  The getting in of the boat is the majority of the day.  But once we got aquatized, the fun REAAALLY began!

Here are the girls & their first time tubing.  I wish you could hear the giggles!

  Then it was time to ski.  Here I am teaching GirlKid.  She got up in 2 tries!

Next came LilSis:

And you know Dad’s gotta show off:

The boys were not as fortunate.  BigBro got up…but no one took his picture (woh..woh..woooooaaaaah) and BabyKid, well, he was just too darn light!  He practically skiied while the boat was in idle…but any bit of gas just flew him out of his skiis!

After all that, we got sandwiches, broke open geodes, and went to church. 

And what trip would be complete without 4 tickets to the “Gun Show”

(make that 5 tickets…see WeeKitty in the background?  I just noticed that!) 

It’s good to have friends.


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  1. We gotta do this again! Please…please…puhleeze! This time maybe we can get EVERYBODY skiin’ or tubin’ or (c.) all of the above! Thanks for the memory. We miss you guys.

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