Same time this year


Hubby has been straining his brain at work all summer, getting glimpses of sunshine as it rises on his way in, and sets on his way home.  He missed the last trip to GrandView as he was covering for everyone else at work so we decided to go again, this time WITH him.  Which is SOOOOO much better!

This weekend, we were all about the Water Sports.  To be exact, TUBING of the fast and slow variety.

Saturday was the slooooooow motion kind of tubing.  So very quiet and relaxing just floating down the river wherever the current decides.  (So very “Automatic 7” wouldn’t you say?)  I said to Hubby (who needed dramamine on our honeymoon from all the boating, floating, and snorkeling we did).  “This is your kind of snorkeling, isn’t it?”  He just laughed.  He responds like that sometimes.

We could see the shimmery rocks below, as well as tiny fish, some sort of strange moss covered River Weeds, and the occasional pair of lost sunglasses.  So much fun, so little work, soooo relaxing!

It took Some of Us longer than others to get used to the temperature of the mountain water. 

Now, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to hook the lunch cooler tube to the Teenager for safekeeping.  Probably his, because there was a sad shortage of Pringles and Oreos when we finally stopped for lunch on a rock in the middle of the New River.  Fortunately there were still plenty of grapes.  Teen BigBro dropped his sammich baggie in the water and it took right off on it’s own little joy ride down the river.  We thought one of the beer drinkers ahead of us might Come to Jesus when a sammich floated right up to him in the middle of the day, half way down the New River, but my fast-paddling Hubby high-tailed it that way and made a daring but successful rescue.  It didn’t even get wet!

  It was about a 3.5 hour tour which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Our tushies were only numb a little bit!  I mean…it was low 70s all day, which is perfect for walking or hiking, but sadly does NOT warm up the water.  Even by 4:00 p.m.

Unfortunately for the daring sandwich lifeguard, the cold mountain water kept him on his back the entire day, and his neglectful, beach-tanned wife neglected to pack, buy, or borrow sunscreen.  (Though to her credit, she did lovingly encourage him to man up, “grow a pair,” submerge them and turn over already to pink up the back side.  He declined that wise and thoughtful suggestion and therefore was summarily sidelined from Sunday’s Fast Tubing festivities). 

OUCH!  It hurt me to even click on this picture…but look at that smile.  What a trooper! 

Sunday found us tubing the VA section of the same River…about an hour north.  This time, with speed!

Dr. David, Mrs. Charlotte and their daughter Agape from First Baptist Church Galax, VA took us Out of Town for some additional tubing fun.  We set up camp beside the boat ramp and had a great time tubing.  Here, Charlotte is asking, “You want it Slow & Tame or Fast & Wild?”  They compromised with “Fast but Tame.”

Lil’ Sis and Mom tried to ski repeatedly with no success but Lil’ Bro made it up.

(Just take my word for it.  He really did!)  But most of the day was spent on the Tube:

It was a gorgeous day and a breathtaking weekend in NC/VA!  Among the sites were Saturday’s sunrise:

And Sunday’s sunrise…

….but unfortunately we also saw “the moon” on Sunday afternoon:

  Can I just say…I was seated and DID NOT MOVE OR ZOOM IN to take this picture.  It was there in front of me and my little pink camera, unadulterated and underadjusted for a full 10 minutes with nary a tug, or hint of a breeze.  Hubby was trying valiently not to laugh ’cause it hurt his redbelly so much.  I’m baffled and don’t really want to know why this sight is so funny to those who are Dudes.  Or why they feel the constant need to adjust so much up front while so very often neglecting the backside area.  I believe we might need to clease the eye palate after that one, so here’s another lovely:

water sparkles

water sparkles

  Besides the burn and the “bum,” a spectacular summer weekend!   Wait till you hear about Friday’ night’s Galax Fiddler’s Convention!  That one gets it’s very own separate post.


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  1. You’re a hoot! Sounds like a wonderful time — my, my since you’ve moved to VA it has been one vacation after another — I’m so jealous! ; )

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