Big Day


I’m excited, thrilled, anxious, happily wiling away the minutes until I go to my new job at SBCC!  Soon I will have a desk and a new additional email address and maybe some pens.  As I got ready I kept hearing Stacey, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy conversing with me, instructing me, in turn, due to the constant marathon watching of WNTW every single day since we got the Cox on-demand cable box.  I think I would do them proud today.  The denim jacket may be a bit much…but now I’m rambling.

I’ll be going in for just a few hours this morning.  I warned the Chitlins to sleep in as long as possible.  Then later today, I’m meeting my college A-B dorm buddy who lives only about an hour away.  I haven’t seen her since 6 kids ago (all 3 of hers + 3 of mine).  “Jennie Glama” too-aht me how to too-alk like a NY Flaridian and how to dance without moving my feet off the ground.  I love her parents and brother too.  We were in each other’s weddings…that kind of bud.  She’s a keeper and I can’t wait to catch up…and as a bonus, there’s a newborn baby to snuggle!


It’s a big BIG day!

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  1. Hi Shannon!

    Have fun today! They are soooooo lucky to have you =0). In honor of your new job~and, okay, I couldn’t resist visiting the Bed Store before we left town…..check your mailbox next week.

    Love and Miss You!

  2. I didn’t know you were starting ALREADY!!!

    Tell Jen I said hello. She has 3 children?? I think I just knew about 1. Wow.

    love you,

  3. Hope you LOVE your job!!!
    We call that kind of dancing The Windsor Shuffle. Very common on the other side of the Detroit River.

  4. LOVE the pictures of Jen and the new so cute I can’t even stand it baby!! You have the best expressions when you snuggle the babies, sis, like they all are part yours!

    How was work?


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