Best Dream EVER


I woke up just before dawn with a memory of potentially the Very Best Dream I Ever Had.  It must be all the Tivo and Fall TV commercials working their subliminal magic, because I dreamed I was on “Dancing with the Stars” and my partner was Jim Halpert (aka John Krazinsky) from The Office!   I mean, the whole shebang with me dressed up in satin and sparkles with the hair and the heels…Jim dapper in a tux and joking with me, both of us having THE BEST time!  I had that blank feeling as the music is starting, “Why do I feel like I’ve never practiced?  I don’t remember what I’m supposed to do!”  Jim just looks at me and says “You know this” and leads away.  I’m like a beat and 1/2 behind him the whole time, but just doing my best.

THE BONUS of the dream is that THERE WAS NO JUDGING!  I mean, can you imagine?  How much fun that would be (for them, not for us, the viewers) if there was NO JUDGING?  They would never leave the show!

Then after everyone was done and the cameras stopped rolling.  We all were sitting around on the dance floor in our costumes and someone brought around a plate of brownies and snacks.  I refused one thinking (in my dream) “If I eat so much as a raisin, it will poke out of this satin costume like…well…a raisin.”

I woke up so happy!

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