Am I ready for some football? You talkin’ to me?


Are you asking ME if I’M ready for some football?  Well, I don’t rightly know.


I do know that it was a safe distraction to lure the 8 year old away from MI “hackey” by speaking freely of the awesomeness of football down south.


I do know that he looks oh, so cute in his uniform,

but even his game face has a hint of a smile.


I also know that the quickest way to see your infant as a grown up is for him to put on a helmet and shoulder pads.


I know his DAD and Big Bro are ready for some football as there has been much discussion on the different meanings of “safety” and what a touchback is and where to grab the dude you are attempting to tackle and how to spin away from the dude that’s attempting to tackle you.


But up until today, this has all been speculation and theory and practice.  At the Jamboree today all 10 teams played a few downs with each other,  politely taking turns on offense and defense while the coaches dramatized their favorite Pro Coach antics, (sans headphones), meanwhile, those little guys piled up a little too high and stayed on the ground just a fraction longer than is good for this ol’ nervous system. 


Am I ready for some football?  Not really…but I’ve got another week.

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  1. Bo Bo Beezer. . .what’s the coaches call??
    What position is he playing? Could he be ANY cuter? Just tell him to work on SPEED. The fastest guy doesn’t get hit as much.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on me some nieces and nephews.

    LOVE the pix of daddy and Bobo. That’s a keeper (picture and daddy).

    Love you,

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