What not to NOT wear…one can only hope


Life is like Ross Dress for Less.  You nevah know what you’re gon’ git.

(But you can be pretty sure it will be 100% polyester.)

But shopping alone is reason for a celebration post and I am easily pleased and besides, Stacey and Clinton have yet to pop up and offer me $5000 so this is the best I can do for under $10.  Each.  Not total. 

Even on children’s ministry wages I’m not THAT thrifty.

I already had the necklace.  Can you tell the top is brown?  With a satiny sash?  Ooh la la!  A new favorite!

I know, I know.  “Paging Greg Brady.”  But it really does look cute on.

Wild Women Do (and they don’t regret it_.  It was time for a leopard print.  Notice how the jeans are folded under in half width wise.  Don’t they make “me” look long and lean this way???
Another one that looks better on.  At least I hope it does…
Can you see the sparkles on this one? 
IT is the CHOSEN ONE which will be making an appearance at the www.BeachStreetUSA.com concerts this weekend.   Eddie Money (free)  Warrant (free) and Billy Idol, Morris Day (and The Time) as well as the B-52s to name a few.   I loves me some events shopping!

2 responses »

  1. OOOHHHHH, I love all the tops!!!!!
    I am totally a fan of the empire waist/babydoll type shirt! Covers a MULTITUDE of sins!

    I love me some Ross too. It is Mousey’s VERY favorite store!

    Very careful staging on the jeans!
    You are So dressed for success!

  2. Oh I can’t wait to “share” your new duds. . . they are divine!
    Especially since my most recent ebay debocle. . . (it SAID Gymboree)

    See ya soon.

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