I JUST wanna work I DON’T wanna play on the drum all day


I have a new place!  It is a closet room/office off the K-1 Large Group room.  And I also have a task:  Create a 13 piece puzzle for our Fall Unit.  It needs to hang.  And be colorful.  And make sense.  And fit together.  I need to be there today, but instead I have been volunteering at the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Friends are coming from TN to run it which makes me very excited!  But I digress.

Here is my office “before”


And after:


Thank you, BSF bud & resident artiste LisaB!  I love my watch!!!

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  1. It says, “Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. Matthew 22:19” The face of the watch has question marks for the minute/second hands and says “God’s Timing.” How clever is that?? It was made for her preschool class one of the last weeks of the Matthew study and they just used it that one time. Before Sharing Day, I asked her if I could have it for wherever I ended up. She was happy to share and I am so thankful!

  2. We just redesigned our offices too and I’m having a good time fixin’ up my desk space. I got a ‘new’ desk (it’s used, but I cleaned it) and it’s much more spacious than my old cubicle. I love the watch on your wall — thanks Kel for asking about it so that I could know too! 🙂

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