Well, hello there!


Oh, the joy!  The bliss!  A practically empty house and The Day!

Hubby has taken the Big Three to Williamsburg for Oldest to play in a soccer tournament.  The only reason BabyKid gets to stay here is because he has an Extended Lazer Tag Birthday Party just down the street from where I need to spend some time this afternoon.  So Yay! for me!  I have way less parenting duties this weekend!  Which is a win/win/win/win/win/WIN because I was all but ready to haul in the duct tape and wire hangers.  Teenagers and almost-ones are so rackafrackin’ noisy!  When they’re “relaxing” its the music.  When they’re in the “angst” we’ve all heard so much about, its the voices.  When they’re obediently doing their chores, it’s the slamming of things…you get the idea.

So the Saturday morning quiet?  It feels like Christmas morning to this weary Mama.

And just in time, too, since I volunteered for the 3:00 – 9:00 shift tomorrow at the Marathon Starting Line.  That’s a.m.  Tomorrow.  Then right to church. 

Oh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself.

At least it’ll be quiet.

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  1. Hi Frister!

    Ditto here! So Joe took the kids to the high school football game last night and I had five hours of blissful peace. You’re way funnier describing it all though! Check out Pioneer Woman’s post today where she, too, is describing the joy of having “live in help” to take the kids far, far away when she’s losing it~or just needs silence.

    Love You! Enjoy!

  2. I am ready for school to start in 2 DAYS!!!!!
    It’s not so much all of the things you mentioned, for me, it’s the lack of schedule. I get so sick of the up all night/wanna sleep all day syndrome and the schlepping them here and there, and then back here, and over there…..

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