Rock & Roll!


My good buddy since 1981 and I share a name which we give each other much grief about. 

HE thinks its a boy’s name, while I KNOW it’s a girl’s name. 

We have other things in common and not so much. 

For example:  COMPARE:  We both were Jefferson Elks AND Jefferson County Patriots.  We both rode the bus to Carson Newman College after school and played pool in the OLD student center.  We both have spouces and children.  CONTRAST:  He played football, I watch football being played.  He stayed in TN, I moved to AL, FL, MI, NC and VA.   I run to The Walmart.  He runs marathons. 

Well, half-marathons, but what’s the difference, really.  I mean if you can run for 2 hours then THAT’S a full-blown “marathon” in my book.  I don’t care about the math or the tallies.  You get full credit for all that runnin’ in my book. 

So how thrilled was I to hear that my fellow Elk/Patriot would be driving 8 hours to run for 2?  ECSTATIC!!!  So happy, in fact, that I willingly volunteered to…uh…volunteer at the event.  It didn’t hurt that I got a very official looking free tshirt out of the deal, and also tickets to Roam (if I want to) with the B-52s.  (Turns out I didn’t particularly end up wanting to after all the other festivities, but free stuff is still a powerful motivator).

The weekend came with so many various and super fun activities, that the whole fam damily ambled down to the Boardwalk on Saturday evening for a plethora of free concerts.  They don’t call it the Rock & Roll Half Marathon for nothing!  The harder rockers opted for Warrant

(because Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away when you’re enjoying some Sweet Cherry Pie for only 32 Pennies, Where The Down Boys Go)  Did that help?  No?  Alright, just go with it.  Just know that they don’t look like THAT picture anymore. 

Thank God and Levi’s for that.

Meanwhile, I met my NameFriend and his travelling companions and we walked a few blocks down to the much milder Eddie Money.



Oh, yes.  We were Sh-Sh-Sh-Shakin AND snappin our fingers.  Because, after all, it’s not every day you get Two Tickets to Paradise or to Walk on Water.  It got closer and closer to 11:00 and the not-so-full-fledged rockers were pleading “Take Me Home Tonight.”

After arriving home at midnight, I made the executive decision to take a 2 hour “nap” on the couch so that I could then arrive, undaunted, at my Starting Line post at 3:00 a.m.  Here’s what the Virginia Beach Convention Center parking lot looks like at that hour, in case you’ve ever wondered:

Evidently, I am not the only Insane T-shirt Desiring, Non-Runner in the Hampton Roads vicinity.

First thing, I swiped a few extra nametags and made a sign for my runner friends:

Post continues after HUGE picture border.  Scroll like the wind!

My assignment as the sun was rising, was to assist with transporting the non-racing wheelchairs to the finish line for the participants which was SUCH a delight!   Team Hoyt was there…you know the guy who has carried, pushed and towed in a rowboat, his grown son in multiple marathons and triathalons.  Here I am with Tony, his girlfriend (L) and coach.

Then after the Wheelchair start at 6:40, I went looking for my Boy.  There were lots of characters, but these gals stole my heart!  (The Kenyans win both men’s and women’s every year).

Finally I found my Boy!

  After a quick good luck hug, it was time for the start!

I made my way towards the finish and took this shot at mile 11.

Then it was on to church for my Real Job. 

I had so much fun, that next Labor Day weekend, I Wanna Go Back!


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  1. I didn’t know WHO you were talkin’ about til you got to Eddie Money!
    That looks like quite the production! Glad you had a great day!

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