Time Passages


Dude!   I don’t have anything interesting or funny to share!  But that’s never stopped me from talking before, so I guess I’ll ramble for a few.

Our new morning schedule looks a little like this:

Hubbs up & at ’em in the late 5:00s, waking up 5th grade Daughter to begin Primp Process just before leaving for work.  Then I’m up, I wake up BabyKid and get those two fed, packed and on the bus by 7:32. 

Big Two set their own alarms and are stirring by this time and blissfully (for them) not having to catch the bus until 8:45!!!  Then it’s off to Curves and Spring Branch for me sometime in the 9:00 hour until the 2:00 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Oh, but wait…a staff meeting on Wednesday!  And another meeting Wednesday night!  And another meeting Thursday night!  And Finalizing Weekend Set Up on Friday!  So “20 hours” becomes 24/7 at least for now.

Afternoons are too dizzying to share.  Soccer: every night but at 3 different fields and a myriad of different times.  Football every OTHER night at the same time/field  (Way to go, football people!  You are loved!) And games?  Don’t get me started.  And tournaments?  Kill me now.

But don’t let all that whining fool you…I love a full messy calendar!  Life is good!

Calgon take me away.


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