Long Time No Type!


Well…Sista came to town from St. Louie by way of Kentucky after dropping off The Full-fledged Livvalilla Kid with GMom.  We basked in the clouds for a few days scrapbooking and generally lolling about on the green couch watching WNTW and, yes, I’m now addicted to Project Runway!  TeenKid had his 1st school soccer game (W 5-2) BoyKid had his 1st football game (L 99ish-0) so there was a fair amount of kid hauling as well.  On Friday night, we fed the kids some chicken nuggets and dashed out the door. 

“Where you going?”  They asked.

“….(pause)…On a smokin’ hot date!”  All three of us answered together.

We went to Rudee’s Inlet where they have picnic-style tables with benches that are all on a rocking platform.  We feasted on steamed shrimp, mini crab cakes and oysters rockafeller (delicioso concoction of cream cheese, spinach and oysters served on the shell…Yummarama!)

We got the call while she was here that our San Antonio, TX cousin was in Richmond, VA for the week and wanting to meet up with us.  We couldn’t make it work before she left, but the Young 3 and I booked it up to Colonial Williamsburg after church and met up with TXCuz! 

I have to say it was quite hilarious when the dressed up docents at each station would ask, “Where are ya’ll from?” and there would be three different simultaneous answers:

“San AntMichiginia Beach”

THAAAAAT kept em puzzled, I tell ya!



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  1. I missed your blog!! I checked every day at work and there … was … nothing! 😦 And to make matters worse, Kelly also seemed to have fallen off the face of the blog universe!

    You’re both back now and I can peacefully read about your lives! All that to say: missed you — glad you’re back!

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