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Smile Bait


1)  The “Baby Come Back” mop commercials.  I just love that silly mop knocking over the oranges and flying through the parking lot.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be stalked by an old flame, deep down.  Come on, you know you do.  Admit it.  Your secret’s safe with me/us.  And the drama of that song just sends it.  Who sang that?  Firefall?  Little River Band? 

That’s enough for me,


2)  The eagle attack at the end of the Colbert Report opening sequence.  It squawks and comes RIGHT ATCHA!  Oh that makes me laugh out loud every single time.  Not just LOL.  I mean, LAUGH.  OUT LOUD.  Every time.  For real.  Even when I brace myself not to and pysche up that it’s getting old.  Nope.  Still funny.

3)  The radio beer commercials for “Real Men of Genius” and “Mr. Overly-Agressive Backyard Touch Football Player”  The serious voiceover, the wacky back up singer, the variety, pure advertising gold.

In other news:

 I’m a Mad Scientist now.  Well, an untrained Mad Scientist for some after-school programs in the area starting next week.  But I have to come up with a name for myself.  This isn’t really making me smile yet, but it is a fun task.  My preliminary name I came up with while interviewing with Helium Heath and Jupiter Jen was “Supersonic Shannon” but that took very little thought and is a rough draft, at best.  I may have to google a science dictionary or something to get some more ideas.  More on this line of work next week.  Until then…keep on smiling!

OK, now YOU be the Potter and I’LL be the clay…


“So I went down to the potter’s house and I saw him working at the wheel.  But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands, so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.”

I’ve been processing the whole potter/clay idea this week.  The wheel keeps on spinning, the clay keeps on being imperfect, and change, she is always just right around the corner.  “Yippee!”  And also, “Oh crap.”

Here’s a snappy little acrostic I got from LC at A2 at SBCC:

C =  common–clay is around & has been for quite some time.  As the sweet potato queens say, “They’re makin’ more of them things ever’ day.”  God adapts normal people into usable vessels.  What a great plan!

L = leaks–it is pourous.  Whatever it fills up with will eventually leak out

A = absorbent–because it is porous, it will absorb the qualities of that which fills it…for good or bad

Y = yields–clay that is soft yields to the hand of the potter. 

Clay that gets too hard becomes unusable for it’s designated purpose.  If it’s really hard, it becomes fragile and just breaks.

The very day I had this lesson in my adult SS class, Daughter 2 cheerfully asked if she could go down to The Mud Formerly Known as Canal and dig through the mud and make stuff.  I was not that happy about this plan, but neighbor kid actually had a designated bucket for this purpose as well as plenty of previous experience.  They got all grubbed up and spent the afternoon in this creative pursuit.  They had to dig beneath the mud to get to the clay.  They filled up their bucket, brought it up to the deck and made snakes and bowls and little clay people.  They delighted in their messiness and their creations.  It didn’t matter to them what the clay looked like.  They weren’t after perfection.  They had a fabulous time dreaming, developing, and doing.

So as I look at the newly formed inanimate addition to our wacky family, I’m remembering what we tell our preschoolers…that process is more important than product when it comes to creativity.  And beauty (and usefulness and worth) is in the eye of the Beholder.

It was 1987, my hair was short my thoughts were long…


This week 21 years ago, then-future Hubby and a few other friends came home from college with me to TN for the weekend.  It was his birthday and his folks were a 14 hour drive south from Birmingham, AL while mine were a mere 5 to the northeast.  So we road tripped for his 18th birthday and hung out in Timberlake.  I believe we had a cookout and made him a chocolate cake.   We weren’t dating yet, but Mama saw something brewing.  And Mama ain’t crazy.

Half-way to the next birthday we decided we were made for each other.  However, the next few birthdays we were apart–he in Tallahassee and me still in Birmingham.  More road trips ensued.   Good times. 

During our early years of double-income marriage, we went to the Ft. Myers, FL Melting Pot for special occasions.  It was the long, luxurious, 2 hour dinner that we didn’t think a thing of back in the Pre-Chitlin days.  We haven’t been to one of those places in QUITE a while…as in, since the arrival of The Chitlins.  Now said offspring are old enough to leave on a school night so we dressed up and hit the town for a trip down memory lane and some fine dipped cuisine.

Can I just say, DE-he-he-LIGHT-ful!  Relaxing!  Just what we both needed.  And talk about a feast:

Swiss cheese with nutmeg and to dip our veggies and rosemary bread in.

Salad  (to legitimize the rest of the consumption)  I have never seen such tiny-diced cucumbers and tomatoes.  So darn cute were they!

Citrus beef broth for the plethora of meats to skewer and cook for 1.5-2 minutes.  Shrimp, salmon, filet minon (did I spell that right?  Who cares.)  Honey mustard chicken, bbq pork, and more veggies:  broccoli, potatoes, squash, and mushrooms.  Then SAUCES along the lines of plum, teriyaki, green goddess, etc.

THEN as if THAT wasn’t enough, a dark chocolate for dessert with all kinds of marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, brownies, and RICE KRISPY TREATS!  I mean, come ON.

It was like The Early Years all over again.  And don’t we all need that from time to time? 

Happy Birthday, Hubby!   You still make me melt like butta.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Ramen Noodles.

Freak Show Garb


So I’ve been talking smack to my kids about Halloween for several weeks,  threatening to dress up as a Hooter’s Grandma.  Except the shirt would say “Hangers” instead.  And I would stuff it.  And the shorts.  Because I just don’t think I can pull that off au naturale.  Say it ain’t so!


But in all my funny, I have neglected to figure out a real costume.  And we’ve been invited to a costume party.  So I’m at a loss.


This morning I heard a few cute ideas as I listened to Magic 105.1 online:

~Ceiling Fan (sweatshirt and a big #1 finger that says “Go Ceilings”)

~Cloudy with a chance of Showers (blue scrubs, with stretched out cotton balls & a squirt gun)

~Devil with a blue dress on

So what’s your vote?  Any more ideas?

All Summer Long


I canNOT beLIEVE it has taken me THIS LONG to connect these dots.


Earlier this summer I posted about my song-slaying family members.  Dot #1


Last week I lamented with another Christian Mom about Kid Rock’s WerewolvesofLondon/SweetHomeAlabama song…how catchy it is though the lyrics are horrendously embarrassing.  Dot #2


Sadly my kids know EVERY LINE to that song, as do I, and it turns my stomach.  Fortunately we had the debate about “smoking funny things” and the youngest two were adamant that it meant sticking weird things into a campfire.  So we went with that.

But it has taken me ALL SUMMER LONG and a month into fall to realize that if ever a song needed intentional slaying, it’s THIS one. 

I’ve already determined to sing: sippin Root Beer out the bottle.  The main line I am trying to find a suitable replacement for is about making something else out by the lake to our favorite song.  I sure wish there was a one-syllable word for dandelion necklaces.

While making muffins out by the sink to my favorite song this morning, I was running down the syllabic possibilities and coming up empty.  So I appeal to you, fellow song-slayers.  What can an upstanding family sing about making out by the lake to our favorite song, and still feel good about in the morning?

Happy Ice Cream Turkey Bacon Day


I had SUCH good intentions. 


We invited the bus stop families over after school for ice cream.  It all started with a Sunday School charge to “walk across the room” and reach out to those around you.  Ice cream sounded like a good way to do that.  And why not ice cream?  I mean, it was 89 degrees here yesterday.  Apparantly October is still summer in VA Beach.


Except today’s high was 66.  And the sun never came out.  I announced to parents and kids alike as the childrens marched ON the bus this morning, “If it’s raining this afternoon, we’ll do it another time.”  And then mumbled under my breath ’cause you’re not coming in.  When 3rd child excitedly asked yesterday after the idea was first hatched “are we gonna clean up the house since everyone’s coming over for an ice cream party?”  I looked at her lovingly as if she had a blossoming cherry tree sprouting from her left nostril and said, “Uh…Nooooooo.  It’s outside.  Pshhh.”

So of course, truth being way more entertaining than fiction, it was semi-sprinkling at 2:25.  Ice cream supplies came in.  Sky cleared up at 2:40.  Ice cream supplies back out.  Sprinkles again at 2:47, ice cream supplies in.  So in we stayed.  A few of the neighbor kids came in after all.  A few of the moms stopped by as well.  I made a huge pot of coffee.  Untouched.  I brought out the hot chocolate.  No takers.  But the idea and the fun was a hit. 


So bright idea #1 was not exactly as planned, but still a partial success, I’d say.  Even though the $7.99 balloon escaped and flew far far away, I’d say it was a worthy cause.


Bright idea #2 was breakfast for dinner tonight.  Since the boys are gone and one girl was out I scrambled 6 eggs and made a pound of turkey bacon for the 3 of us left at home.  After the last egg fluff was consumed Big Girl and 2 buds showed back up clamboring for dinner and a movie since their outdoor event was “sprinkled” out.  So they are on my couch watching a movie and eating turkey bacon and popcorn and Mike & Ike’s on the side.  It’s a Virginia October Peanuts Thanksgiving! 


I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thursday, Thursday, Can’t help that day…


Thursday is my very favorite day of the week.

And not just because of TV, though that is a very good reason in and of itself.

Thursday has been, for a long time my BSF day.  Bible=LOVE.  Study=not so much.  Fellowship=WOO HOO!  Long long ago when I used to take all 4 chitlins to the class, we (and by “we” I mean “they”) were all dressed up to the nines (whatever that means).  Gymboree dresses and tights, sweater vests and tiny button downs and khakis.  I was always too spent once I got them ready to even think about something nice for myself, seeing as I was invisible and all.  It was all I could do to know where my lesson was and get them to their classes for a much needed breather.  Once I chose to wear overalls that I thought were super cute and a red mock-turtleneck.  I felt very American.  But right away an older English-accented lady ask me “So when is THIS one due?”  That was NOT a woo-hoo fellowship moment.  But I’m not bitter.

Today I’m recognizing the tide has somehow turned.  Now it’s my dress up day…and the kids…not so much.  I have some rockin new shiny-ish brown tiny-ish heeled shoes on today with a beaded bracelet-looking chainy-ish thing across the top. The whole entire outfit had to work around these shoes. Thank You Steinmart! 

Now let’s check in with the Next Generation:  Oldest is wearing his soccer uniform since it’s game day but furiously and frantically attempting to scrub blue Stride GUM out of it in several places.  Oldest Girl looked so cute in her layers, until she got too hot while getting ready and shed the decent top layer down to the spaghetti strap tank.  Oh NO you Di-ent.  Younger girl is sporting the 1/2 @$$ ponytail, despite her 95 minutes of prep time and Youngest has tattoos on 75% of his limbs.  (Thanks Honey.) 

 So I am ALL ready to talk about Moses with my army green shirt, new shoes and grape suede Target hobo purse.  I can’t wait to see all those prepped up toddlers and chuckle softly to myself and I will hug every person wearing overalls.