Something weird is happening.  Something strange and out of the ordinary.  Something that will blow your mind.

I’ve become interested in fashion.

This doesn’t mean that I LOOK like I’m interested in fashion.  Oh, but no, silly fantasizing reader.  Far from it.  In fact I celebrated this amazing discovery admission by making chocolate chip pancakes for the “family.”  This may work against me on the runway.

It all began harmlessly enough with multiple summer episodes of What Not To Wear.  Who can’t love Clinton and Stacey who tell EVERY SIZE of woman how “tiny” their “waist” is when they wear the right clothing.  I mean, “shut up.”

Then a highly respected friend of mine from BSF in Michigan who just happens to be friends with a coworker of mine at NRC  (hello?!  Worlds colliding!)  mentioned her delightful family’s co-operative marathon of Project Runway back in the summer.  My mind opened ever so slightly.  Plus also the lure of lolling about for several hours no doubt played a role.  I mean, time at the beach is way up there, but what to do after tanning because “tanorexic” I am not.   So now I have graduated from why “comfortable” is a bad word to the person who knows about how to “Holla atcha boy” and that the fashion forward version of Hip Hop is high waisted jeans.  (chuckle) 

I realized yesterday I was morphing from a far-from-caring-about fashion into an unshakable growing interest and desire to watch the people who do care.   I guess there was no turning back once I blew off a planned trip to the grocery store for ice cream to watch the Rachel Zoe project instead.  It’s pronounced “Zo” just so you know…

The full realization hit yesterday when I read Big Mama’s Fashion Friday blog and realized WITH JOY that I had purchased her VERY FIRST SUGGESTED LINK!  On Fashion Friday EVE.  Because that’s a key element in fashion.  Timeliness.  Which is a challenge for me in EVERY aspect of life.

So I admit it.  I’m a fashionista wannabe.  I’m this [ ] close to buying a McCall’s pattern and watching The Devil Wears Prada again.  This time with intention.


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  1. Ahhhh, my Prodigy!!!

    Mousey and I watched a DVR’d show with Tim Gunn last night. It was really like What not to Wear, but starring him and a gal named Gretta. It was good, we are all about watching someone else get made over!

    I am uber-impressed that you were so fashion forward as to buy the purse BEFORE Bigmama featured it!

    “Make it work” !!!!

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