Alpha Mom Day


I feel like an ACTUAL real mom today.

Most days there’s an almost 3 hour window when the family is getting ready.  And I just don’t need that kind of time.  Hubby is up before 6 and wakes up #3 who wants time daily to straighten her wavy blonde locks.  #3 and #4 hit the bus stop at 7:30 at which time #1 and #2 are rising and readying themselves for their bus to Princess Anne at 8:30.  I usually begin getting ready full steam ahead around 7:00 which is not quite enough time to be finished at the 1st bus stop…and then stall out the first time I walk by the computer.  But not today.

Hair Straightened 5th grader has a field trip to Williamsburg today.  The form said in bold italic underlined caps “BUSSES WILL LEAVE AT 7:30 SHARP” so I was up at dawn, like the good Alpha Mom I am Not, fully dressed, with shoes and everything by 7:06.  I even made #1 an egg or four because his braces were hurting so bad.  Look at me!

Now it’s the rest of the marathon day.  BSF children’s department (“Let my people go!”) then fellowship lunch…OH YEAH!  I JUST REMEMBERED I’M SUPPOSED TO BRING CHICKEN!!!!  D’oh.  Then right to work, rehearsal for the weekend and home in time for Thursday night TV of course.

It’s also day #1 of South Beach diet which means gargantuan salad for dinner.  And since when do I know what’s for dinner at 8:17 a.m.?

So, to all you moms out there fully dressed, coifed and made up knowing what’s for dinner at the bus stop every single day…good for you. 

See you next field trip.


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  1. Super moms are just an illusion … there’s no such thing! Our children NEED to be able to do for themselves — our main jobs are to love them and teach them! I don’t see anywhere in the Bible that we are supposed to be hovering over our children so that they don’t get hurt or make (God forbid) any mistakes in life! My girls are super close to me but I give them their space … and I think they have turned out quite well! 🙂 Okay … I’m getting off the soapbox now!

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