BSF bubbles


I had a delightful time with the 2s yesterday.  We had 5 boys, 2 girls,  2 leaders, very few tears and a lot of fun.  Little Cayden asked me during opening if I wanted some “womanade.”  It was delicious.  Then she refilled me with “Pink Womanade” which we both agreed was even better.  And neither one had any carbs or sugar.  BONUS!

Always, ALWAYS when I work with children God teaches me something about my relationship with Him.  Yesterday it was during Large Muscle time.  We went outside and chased bubbles.  We were in a 3 sided courtyard with a slight wind so it took some formational tweaking to figure out which direction to face and blow and where to position the children. 

Each child would fix their eyes on one big bubble…out of hundreds…and chase it to the far reaches.  I positioned myself as goalie on the dangerous sidewalk.  The bubbles would float up the side up the building anyway, and we don’t want 14 tiny Keds tromping through the mulch & flowers so I’d just turn ’em around and point out 6 dozen more bubbles for them to choose from that were floating safely over the grass. 

This got me thinking about boundaries.  And desirable “bubbles” in life that aren’t always catchable.  No matter how many times the leader said, “Keep your feet on the green grass” and they would look down at their feet on the green grass and at their teacher’s eyes and nod, once their eyes locked on that bubble, they could not be torn away and didn’t have a clue their feet were somehow all of a sudden on the sidewalk or the mulch and they were being turned around.  This is so me.  “How did I get way over here?”



One great thing about 2 year olds is that they are easily distracted.  They don’t mourn the high-floating bubble.  They aren’t even crying when they pop the long-chased after bubble. 

They are quick to look in a different direction and much to their delight discover that there are way more bubbles…enough for me and everyone else too!   Too many for me to pop, even!

Though the sidewalk really wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t the BEST place for those feet to be.  Though the mulch isn’t expensive or anything, it is just not so respectful to have your feet on it.  Though a 2 year old has a worthy cause and is somewhat obedient just chasing bubbles, the boundaries they stumble on are worthy of a redirect.  May it be so with me, Lord.  May I only chase the exact right bubbles you want for me and help me to let them fly away when it goes where I can’t or shouldn’t get it and not be too too sad.  After all, you are blowing more bubbles for my delight all the time. 

Thank you God.  You really are SO good to me.  Glory Hallel-u-JAH!


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  1. LOVE the picture of the little guy reaching up for the bubble. What a joyful expression. You could’ve taken them. They look like they were taken through your eyes. I can SO identify with “keeping my feet on the green grass” How easily that chocolate stuff can divert my attention and carry me away. . .

    thanks for the thoughts,

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