Random, yes. Strange, check. Interesting? We’ll see…


www.caprik.wordpress.com gave me this idea:


1.  I lived in one house/nieghborhood/city/state for my first 18 years, then 11 houses/apartments in 5 states over the next 22 years.  That’s strange, right?

So…we begin our tour in East TN, then college in AL, (’cause I’m counting the dorms), marriage and first jobs in FL, 4 kids in 5 years all in MI with an 8 month detour to NC, then back to MI and now VA, which we love.  But we (everyone but hubby) all miss MI.

2.  Did you catch that part about 4 kids in 5 years?  Yeah.  I know NONE of the songs on the radio that were popular from 1994-1999.  When Oldest was 5-6 he got to where he would notice The Look from anyone who got behind us in Kroger, head off the impending conversation by looking up and saying, “We’re all hers.”

3.  I asked Oldest Girl for a strange/random thought and she offers:  You are shorter than your 12 year old daughter.  Just now I saw my rebuttal on some facebook flair: 

So that is my new motto.

4.  I have a large chicken on top of my refrigerator. 

Both my grandmothers were Lovers of  Creativity and I have several ceramic magnum opi (?) from both of them.  Mimi (Mom’s Mom) gave me the chicken (rooster) on a visit to see her in coastal SC several years before she died.  She kept it on her fridge and I would love to grow up to be just like her so I keep it on mine.  She played in the handbell choir and rode a stationary bike well after her 90th birthday.  I should be so blessed.

5.  I have a few scratches and dings on all four bumpers of my car

and have no idea how they got there.  I’m also going to court on Tuesday for a speeding ticket.  Completely unrelated.

WHAT ABOUT YOU, Oh, Randomly Strange Reader?


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  1. I love, love, love Roosters! I currently have 6 in my kitchen & 1 in my family room. I think that they definitely make the place homey! 🙂

  2. I’ve been sitting here 5 minutes. I KNOW I’m plenty wierd and random, but I got nuttin. Ask Whi Whi, I’m sure she can help me out 🙂

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