Thursday, Thursday, Can’t help that day…


Thursday is my very favorite day of the week.

And not just because of TV, though that is a very good reason in and of itself.

Thursday has been, for a long time my BSF day.  Bible=LOVE.  Study=not so much.  Fellowship=WOO HOO!  Long long ago when I used to take all 4 chitlins to the class, we (and by “we” I mean “they”) were all dressed up to the nines (whatever that means).  Gymboree dresses and tights, sweater vests and tiny button downs and khakis.  I was always too spent once I got them ready to even think about something nice for myself, seeing as I was invisible and all.  It was all I could do to know where my lesson was and get them to their classes for a much needed breather.  Once I chose to wear overalls that I thought were super cute and a red mock-turtleneck.  I felt very American.  But right away an older English-accented lady ask me “So when is THIS one due?”  That was NOT a woo-hoo fellowship moment.  But I’m not bitter.

Today I’m recognizing the tide has somehow turned.  Now it’s my dress up day…and the kids…not so much.  I have some rockin new shiny-ish brown tiny-ish heeled shoes on today with a beaded bracelet-looking chainy-ish thing across the top. The whole entire outfit had to work around these shoes. Thank You Steinmart! 

Now let’s check in with the Next Generation:  Oldest is wearing his soccer uniform since it’s game day but furiously and frantically attempting to scrub blue Stride GUM out of it in several places.  Oldest Girl looked so cute in her layers, until she got too hot while getting ready and shed the decent top layer down to the spaghetti strap tank.  Oh NO you Di-ent.  Younger girl is sporting the 1/2 @$$ ponytail, despite her 95 minutes of prep time and Youngest has tattoos on 75% of his limbs.  (Thanks Honey.) 

 So I am ALL ready to talk about Moses with my army green shirt, new shoes and grape suede Target hobo purse.  I can’t wait to see all those prepped up toddlers and chuckle softly to myself and I will hug every person wearing overalls.

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  1. 95% of his body??? The tatoos are spreading!! Hopefully it makes him tackle harder 🙂

    Glad to hear you are feeling your style. You know you rocked the “it’s not about me” look, too. Don’t underestimate yourself.

    love ya

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